Teenage Cosmetics


Almost every girl has a cosmetic bag which she carries with herself to wherever she goes. There are a certain things that are a must-have to be in the collection of cosmetics of the teenage girls. 

In fact, the cosmetic bag which is also the emergency tool-kit of girls should always be equipped with a few basic things that are very feminine and always helpful to get any kind of look at any part of the day.

A mascara, a face shimmer, a nice pink lip gloss and a blush on are a must have for the emergency tool kit of teenage girls. They add a spark to a girl’s face instantly and make her get all set for a party. The mascara is helpful in adding a volume and glamour to the eyes. It gives a proper look to the eye lashes and helps in the lengthening of the eye lashes. A face shimmer is there to make the face features get prominent and look more appealing while a blush on enhances the shape of a face by making the cheek bone get a bit prominent. 

Lastly, a lip gloss is surely a girl’s best friend because it completes the overall look by adding a perfect sexy touch to the face. All these cosmetics can be obtained within a very nominal range and they last for quite a long time. Companies like Cover Girl, Bonnebell etc are very popular amongst the teenage girls for their funky range of cosmetics. 

It is very important for teenage girls to know that they have a very delicate skin. The use of any low quality or harsh product can do a lot of damage to the skin which can result in blackheads, pimples, open pores and many other problems. Therefore, a minimum amount of make-up is advisable for teenage girls which not only helps in protecting the skin but also helps in not giving a very mature look to a teenage girl suddenly. 

Bright and floral tones of color are always preferable for girls. They give a very feminine and soft look to them; therefore, the girls should be open to experimentation with nice and bright shades. Eyes are the most preferable part for trying out the bright shades. But it should be remembered that you should not go over-board with the colors. A natural tone with a little glossy effect should be maintained. A lip gloss should always be chosen over a lipstick. Lipsticks are for mature women while, lip glosses are for trendy and young girls. A clear and transparent lip gloss is always the first choice but lip gloss in different shades of pink can also be selected. Hair is an important form of the overall look. The look is incomplete if your hair is not done well. For teenagers, different hairstyles always work well but keep your hairstyle as natural as possible. Avoid too much styling of your hair as it damages the hair very badly.

No doubt, cosmetics are very important for girls as they change the overall look and add a little spark to the personality. But for teenage girls the best cosmetic amongst all the cosmetics is innocence and being natural. Girls should try to keep themselves as natural as possible because their natural charm is their true beauty. Getting over dressed with lots of make-up never makes a girl stand out more than the natural look. Therefore, the use of cosmetics should be kept as minimal as possible and if needed, good quality herbal and chemical free cosmetics should be used to avoid any damage to the skin.

Almost every girl has a cosmetic bag which she carries with herself to wherever she goes. There are a certain things that are a must-have to be in the collection of cosmetics of the teenage girls.

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