Sensitive Skin Care Products

Skin issues and fretting on them is common with women. Having a sensitive skin is the major call for all women-whining.  There are many problems associated with sensitive skin. This includes enlarged pores and production of oil in t-zone area, Problems with frequent break outs, Irritation caused to the skin, Occasional blemishes and cysts, Post blemish scars and the worst of all Aging.

‘What should a person owning sensitive skin do? ‘This should be the next question. Well, the very first step is the visit to a dermatologist. Yes, I recommend it. It’s better to get a healed skin rather than an overly treated ruptured one.

On second I recommend not to use soap more than once in a day. Excessive usage of soap absorbs all the oil from the skin. There is a certain amount of skin’s own oil that is necessary for the health of the skin. When it gets dried, the skin as a reaction starts producing more oil which ultimately results in dangerous breakouts. And well, you can imagine the torment then.

Then I recommend a dermatologist attested sunblock with an SPF to cover the longer hours of a day.
I recommend those bearing sensitive skin to cleanse your skin on daily basis. And moisturize it. So the daily items for a sensitive that should be along every woman should be dermatologist approved face wash, moisturizer, and sunblock. These should be the must haves of every woman’s bag. Because indeed they are the sensitive skin products.

Sensitive Skin Care

Since the use of chemical oriented products triggers the sensitivity of such skin. Hence women tend to use products that are natural yet serve as healing agents to the sensitive skin.

Here are a few natural ingredients that serve as natural products against the sensitive skin, hence making the natural sensitive skin care products. The list includes the following.


Alovera is relief to all types of skin especially the sensitive skin. It is a calming ingredient which helps against reactions and inflammations. It is highly recommended herbal products or products that have allover as a main ingredient for a sensitive skin.

So, it is a sensitive skin product in disguise.


This is a natural herb. I help against all sorts of inflammations and redness of the skin. If a person experiences with rosacea or regular rash reactions. This is the best solution to these problems It also protects the skin from the UV rays. Hence, it makes it a solid sensitive skin product.


It is the best natural anti-itching remedy for skin. Oatmeal masks can help sooth the itching caused by eczema or any skin related problems. Back in the day it was used as a treatment against chicken pox and skin diseases as such. Apply the oatmeal mask for 10 minutes and it will serve you as the best sensitive skin product against itching.  Oatmeal in with yogurt or honey should be applied for 10 minutes.

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Chamomile is a tea which is commonly drunk before bed time. It not only calms/soothes the body but also the skin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory product that serves as sensitive skin product. Make the tea, once it cools down mix it with almond oil and apply. This will act as an ultra-gentle cleanser. Individual usage of the tea is also recommended.


Cucumber is used as an anti-aging eye cream. It helps control that swelling around the eye. It has a calm effect on the skin. It is great for treating sunburns. Hence, a very at your home service natural product that serves a sensitive skin care product.

White willow barks extract:

This calming ingredient that soothes the skin giving it a calm effect and protects against acne. It is also known as ‘natural skin tonic’. This should be mixed with aloe juice and applied to skin. It also helps against itching and burning of the skin.

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This is an ingredient traced from the Marigold plant. It is used for various purposes. It is used as a cleanser, I oils and in anti-aging products. Calendula can be mixed with virgin oil and a little of lavender essential oil. This indeed acts a natural sensitive skin care product.


Last but not the least “Honey” which as natural healing properties. It helps the recovery of a traumatized damaged skin quicker than any other product. It also serves as a natural anti-bacterial which shows that it battles acne/breakouts at its best. Honey is the perfect sensitive skin care product that exists naturally.


Shifting to the different natural products that serve as sensitive skin care products against various skin problems that the sensitive skin goes through.

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