Relaxing At Home Spa Secrets

Looking to be pampered? Don’t want to go to salon to get spa treatment? Don’t worry. You can get spa at your own home without taking help from others. Having some spa treatment has become the need of the day. Here are some secrets of spa treatment that will help you in relaxing at home. There are a variety of yummy ingredients you can use in home to relax your mind while these things will also pamper your body and sooth your soul. Try these spa techniques to stay beautiful. 


Aromatherapy has been proven to calm and relieve stress. Aromatherapy comes in many forms like gel, candles and scrub etc. Aromatic bathing can be pleasurable and highly relaxing. Add some dropsof essential oils to your bath water. The aroma of oil fills the room with delightful fragrance and also relaxes your tired muscles. Aromatic bath also stimulates your immune system. 

Mood Lighting: 

Mood lighting is another secret to relaxing. Go for cheapest stress buster candles. Opt for sandalwood, lavender or bergamot as they can lower blood pressure and set in chill pill mood. The aroma and beautiful view of burning candles will help you in relaxing. 

Bubble Bath: 

Bubble bath is another way to soothe your mind and relaxe your body. Mix ¾ bottle of natural dish soap in a tub with natural color of your choice in warm water. You can add scented oil for more soothing affect. 

Fruit Facial: 

Fruit facial is best for your skin. The vitamins and essential minerals in fruits will help clearing up blemishes and leave you feeling soft and smooth. Each fruit has its own benefits and I must suggest you to choose banana. Go for banana and honey facial. To make honey and banana mask mash a ripe medium sized banana and mix it with 2 tbsp honey. Add 2 tsp of plain yogurt. Apply this mask for ten to fifteen minutes on your face and neck and rise off.

Garlic Mask: 

If you don’t have time to go to salons for facial and need to do something about your acne and uneven skin, then you must try this tip. Garlic has natural anti-bacterial components that help in cleaning pimples and uneven skin. Simply peel and crush two cloves of garlic, make paste and apply directly to your face. Leave for ten minutes and wash with cold water. Smooth and even skin will automatically relax you and help you in getting rid of stress and anxiety

Deep Conditioning: 

For deep conditioning your hair you must go for avocado and coconut oil conditioning mask. To make this conditioning mask for your hair mix 2 tsp coconut oil with half mashed avocado. Then add ¼ cup coconut milk in this mixture and after making paste apply it on your hair. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. 

Foot Soak:

Feet need much attention. Your feet are the busiest part of your body during day and need extra care. Make a foot soak by adding some drops of regular shampoo and one tbsp of salt in warm water. It will relieve fatigue and leave your feet smelling nice and feel even better. After soaking in water, use a good moisturizer. Massage your hands and feet. 

Follow these above mentioned spa secrets to look more beautiful while also pamper your body and relax your soul. 

Are you looking for spa secrets to relax at home? Check out some secrets that will relax your mind, pamper your body and sooth your soul.

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