Makeup Trends this Eid

Every being desires for beauty but in women this sense is very strong. This concept continues to inspire beauty industries to come up with good quality cosmetics that are negative side free and in trend now.

So follow the tips this Eid

According to this tip, parlour going trend is very common this Eid, so make sure that it should be clean, have quality products and an experienced staff and owner who knows the art of perfect makeup and latest trends of beauty treatments.

Before you begin any beauty treatment, study the treatments and its possible consequences, allergies that it causes and get a patch test before you go ahead.

The tip believes that women should have her own makeup kit at home and another for travelling reasons. Choose a small compact beauty kit that performs dual function along with a makeup foundation that gives a finished look.

On Eid, don’t forget to buy quick and simple products that can keep you fresh and ever green at the end of the day. On Eid, a light makeup in morning should look great, dramatic overdone makeup would make you look like a pastry.

For Eid, the tip suggests that you use natural tones for eye shadow and blush and use a nude lip colour for daytime makeup and for going to work.

According to this tip of beauty, use waterproof mascaras, cake eyeliners and matte lipsticks which last longer. Similarly, on Eid, for instant party touch to day makeup, just brush up deep and vibrant eye shadow to define your eyes.

Sheer and light makeup is the trend of the day on Eid and best shades to use are neutral browns, smudgy greys, earthy pinks and peaches.

The tip suggests that, cream and gel blush are easy to use and give you a natural look on Eid.

Have a glowing Eid!

Every being desires for beauty but in women this sense is very strong.

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