How To Turn Your Nails Into A Chalkboard

Nail art has become trend. It is not less than addiction, once you become addict of nail art; it is very difficult to get rid of this nail art. But the problem is that you don’t like to repeat the pattern or color that you have used. You want new and creative designs, colors and patterns to make your hands and nails beautiful.

Nail art become easier if you can remove it easily with water. Isn’t it? Well, you can do this with ciate chalkboard manicure. Ciate has launched its latest nail art product, named the chalkboard manicure. In this manicure, you can put actual manicure coat on your nails so you can draw on it with chalks for many times. This manicure is not at all hard but takes some time to complete and dry. Drying time required is minimum 24 hours.

You can put doodles of all sorts on your nails just like a real chalkboard without requiring any chemicals to remove them. The kit of this manicure also does not have any brush for removing it from your nails. For removing it, you have to simply dab water on your nails. And in every couple hours, you can enjoy different, creative and new designs and patterns on your nails. Use tiny brush and follow the instructions on the package and paint your fingers in the color you want. After applying, you have to wait for drying to get better and neat results.

This manicure kit come in a set which consists of the black chalkboard base coat with four liquid chalk pens such as white, green, blue and pink. Besides these things, it also contains a clear top coat if you want to preserve the design for a little longer time. It is not sure what sort of designs you would prefer or lines which you will draw are fine. But as they are pens, you can apply a number of attractive designs and patterns in a more detail than regular chubby chalks.

You have so many choices when it comes to how you want the nails to look. No matters, what the color you want, carefully apply it on your nails and you will create a right on manicure that will instantly grab attention. The chalkboard set allow you to sketch, doodle and squiggle.

You can start designing different patterns and doodle in one of the four different colors blue, pink, white or green to create unique designs on your chalkboard nails. And in making different patterns on your nails, if you make a mistake, you can simple wash it off with water and start again.

Find out chalkboard paint in assorted colors and apply it beautifully and nicely on to your nails. Spend few bucks to purchase this nail art manicure kit to make beautiful designs and patterns on your nails. So would you try it to make your nail art craze strong?

Try a new nail art to make your nails beautiful and marvelous. It’s not too hard to apply and you can put actual manicure coat on your nails so you can draw on it with chalks for a number of times.

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