How to put on fake nails


Fake nail trend is rapidly growing in Pakistan and is soon becoming the rage. Every now and then, you see new nail studios opening up in Pakistan offering different nail art and designing, hence reinforcing the fake nails trend in Pakistan. Nails are an important part of a woman’s body as they enhance the beauty f your hands and feet and beautifully done nails them your hands feet appear more graceful. Therefore, fake nail trend is slowly becoming the next big thing because they help in enhancing the beauty of your hands and feet.

The first thing to do is to purchase the artificial nail kit from your nearby beauty store. An artificial nail kit usually includes artificial nails, nail glue and cuticle stick. The nails that you buy from the beauty supply store can be painted beforehand, or can be in plain colors and you can paint them as you like too. The choice is yours. Also, while buying you should determine the size and shape of the fake nails so as to not guy a shape that will make your hands and feet look weird or purchase a size too big for your natural nails. Find the right size nails, and check them with your natural nails. If they look good, then you have found the right ones.

Mostly, the nail glue bottle comes with the artificial nail kit but if not, then you need to purchase that too. Once you have all the things with you, then you need to start applying them. It’s a simple process. What you need to do is apply the nail glue to your nail by lightly covering your real nails. Take your first nail and place it on the real one and try to get it a little bit under your cuticle. Following this simple procedure, put all the nails on and press down hard.

Once you have put all the nails on and have let the glue dry, then comes the step of decorating your nails. If you haven’t already bought ones that were decorated, you can paint them as you like and even try you r hand at nail art and experiment with different designs on your fake nails.

But remember, as fun as fake nail care may be, they tend to ruin your real nails which then take time to recover if you keep using fake nails on a regular basis. Plus, the nail glue is very sticky, just like any other normal glue so you’d do well to keep it out of reach of children. Now for some tips regarding fake nail care. While wearing fake nails, make sure that you have the nail glue in your bag at all times so that when a nail pops off you can quickly put it back on. Moreover, reapply every 4 to 5 day because that is how long the nails would last.

Nails are an important part of a woman's body as they enhance the beauty f your hands and feet and beautifully done nails them your hands feet appear more graceful.

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