How to Get Mod Eye Makeup Look

 Eyes are the window to know about your age, if someone wants to guess about your age they judge through your eyes. So it is necessary to take of your skin as well as your eyes, who are the window of your soul.

Although our body is the gift of God, and every part of body has its own importance, but eyes are the natural gift, without this our life is black. If we have eyes without the seen power, so we can’t see the beauty of nature. Just because of the importance of eyes in every era of life females put more importance to make their eyes beautiful and shiny. Normally the words we can’t speak are delivered by eyes without saying anything.

Eye makeup is the most important part of makeup. Because who so ever see you, first look at the eyes. Eye makeup must be according to your choice and fashion, and in makeup there is no restriction of seasons.

It doesn’t matter what type of shape your eyes have, important thing is how to do makeup in a technical way to improve the beauty of eyes. You just need to learn tips how to make them prominent and beautiful. Choose a best eye shades according to the shape of eye, the event which you are going to attend are also impact a lot. 

Here are some tips according to your eye shape:

  • Round eye: this type of eye has a circle shape; they are normally not large in size. Use liner on the upper side of eyes and extend the tail of liner, and use eye shades on the outer side of the more as compare to inner side. 

  • Small eye: use the liner on the eye thin & blurred, and especially fuscous on the outer side of eye, and attached with the lower liner. Use soft eye shade on the small eyes.

  • Large eye: use thick liner on the larger shape of eye on the upper and lower side, and connect them on the inner side and outer side of eye, that’s give a better shape to the large eye. And use dark shades on the middle of the eye.

  • Droopy eye: use the liner in the inner side of eye, and use liner lower part of eye but end before the outer side of eye. Use eye shades more on the upper side of eye reaching toward to eyebrows. 

  • Almond eye: use the liner on the upper lied in a thick form, and stop before the outer side of eye. Use the darker shades on the inner side of eye and blend with the lighter shades on the outer side. 

Light shimmer shades are in fashion, because of these eyes looks prominent. According to the latest fashion if you use light shimmer on the upper side of eye & use dark colour outline on the outer side of eye, through this your eye look beautiful and prominent. Although thicker outline are very common in fashion but shimmer shades with thin eye liner are coming in fashion again.

Now a day’s natural makeup is in fashion. Means the makeup which look like naturel in a low quantity. So as compare to liquid quantity mineral base and face powder are better to use in makeup. Use light and blended eye makeup with mascara. Typical and thick eye liner with thin eyes lines are coming again in fashion.

Blended eye makeup with bright colour lipstick is in fashion. Eye makeup must be soft. Now a day’s humidity to much in atmosphere, so apply makeup for long hours is too difficult. It’s better to apply rose water on face before applying makeup, so makeup will be water prof and skin didn’t produce oil for long hours. Buy best quality of makeup, especially for eyes makeup. Because eyes skins are very sensitive, And before applying liner or mascara test check, so you can be safe while using makeup.

Eyes are the most important when doing makeup. And it’s difficult to choose how to put make which suits best according to the fashion, personality as well as match with dress. Eye makeup is an art and we have to know this art especially for ourselves.

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