How To Create A Supermodel Cheekbone

In a country like Pakistan, everyone wishes to look like models; the very fact is that they are full of makeup and other colorful things that attract us. Models are models so no one can compete them when they are doing modeling but there features are attractive so we get attracted towards them. 

Models usually have very attractive cheekbones, which attracts towards them so in this piece of writing we will read to create supermodel cheek bones with some tactics. There are some really easy and simple steps to create the model look cheekbones.

There are many ways you how to create a supermodel check bone and the very easy are one to make it with makeup. Some people go for medical treatments like surgery and other one but they are not safe so use makeup. 

Makeup is an art and results depends on how you use it to create super model cheekbone is not very difficult, all you have to do is take a cream foundation which is one color lighter than your own skin tone and apply it on your face but don’t rub it harshly use fingers to do it.

After these steps take that foundation which is two shades darker than your own skin tone and apply it, on an area like check bones and your jawline and near your nose area, you have to highlight the cheek bones. Blend it well with your fingers, this process is natural and when your blend it with your hands the warmth is also there which helps the foundation to set on the face and looks very natural. 

Make apple of the cheeks, apply a light pink color on it as a blush on after than use a darker tone of pink, and apply it on the outline of the apple of the cheeks. In the end use pearl white and peach color blush on the apple of the cheeks, this makeup will highlight the cheeks and make you look like a model. 

The cheek bones of the models look very natural but the fact is that it is not natural. There are many makeup tactics which are used to it. All the models have well balanced check bone which every girl wants. To create super model cheekbone is very easy but for it you need few makeup things such as brush for the blush than your blush, the one you love it other than that you need dark brown matte eye shade, vanilla color eye shade and a good eye shade brush. 

First of all take a blush and makes apple of your cheeks and apply your favorite blush on the apples. Just apply it on the apples, don’t go up. Then you should take a brush for blush and take the matte brown eye shade and apply it in the center of the apples you made, always remember that start this from the middle and take up.

Then the last step is that you need to have a big brush dip the brush in the vanilla matte eye shade. Apply it on the cheeks and start from the middle. This vanilla eye shade will highlight your cheek bones and you will feel you are looking like a super model. This way you can get the look of super models and when you feel that you look like a super model you are in the skies. 

Everyone knows that the model looks are fake but the point is that we get attracted towards those look and check bones plays an important role in creating those looks. In, Pakistan every woman wishes to have models like cheekbones so they go for surgeries but the makeup tactics are more powerful but you just need to learn and you are done. Check bones makes our face prominent so right makeup on the cheek bones makes you look like a model.

There are many ways of how to create supermodel cheekbone, some ways are dangerous such as surgery but some are very safe all you need is to learn the makeup tactics. Makeup is an art and we can learn how look like supermodels.

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