How to be Beautiful

The myths regarding being beautiful have all become cliche phrases, such as "beauty sprouts from within", or "those who are beautiful from inside are truly beautiful". The aforesaid statements can’t be denied but still there is so much that can top up the true Pakistani beauty. Beauty and style go hand in hand. Beauty without style and style without beauty can’t ever stay. So they should co-ordinate and complement each other instead of being poles apart. To make it even more precise, Pakistani beauty needs Pakistani style, Western beauty asks for western style and so on.


Fashion Central focuses Style tips which are purely of Pakistani style and are meant to enhance Pakistani beauty. So lucky you Pakistani beauties who were seeking for their desiring style tips.

  • Stop using fairness stuff: The style tip of the day is just stop applying fairness creams day long and at nights as the excessive use of such products can spoil the skin in the long run. Remember, that sun screens are NOT fairness cremes. Sunscreens are a must when you are directly exposed to sun. True Pakistani beauty icon is the tan complexion which luckily you must have if you are a Pakistani. The real Pakistani style is to wear your actual complexion without masking it with undue fairness which might look artificial.
  • Wear a light and casual make up: Overdone make up can play havoc to your looks. Remember that Pakistani beauty asks for lighter and casual make up because of the usual summers, hot and humid weather. You can carry your Pakistani style with well merged and well blended foundation base along with lighter shades used for finishing.
  • Carry your dress Properly: The next style tip is to carry whatever you are wearing with a due grace. If you are dressed up in pure Pakistani style, then you must know that the Pakistani beauty of your dress lies in its cuts and shape which would absolutely not look good if you don’t maintain your walk and physical postures. The dress is sure to look gorgeous if worn with a dignity.
  • Accessorize: The Pakistani style is to fully accessorise what you wear from top to toe. To make it clear, Pakistani beauty can become many folds only with the use of matching eastern jewellery, shoes, hair accessories, coordinating nail colours and other details.
  • Manage your hair so that they look healthy: hair cut and styling add a lot to Pakistani beauty. The true Pakistani style is to maintain silky, black straight and lengthy hair. Moreover, the special style tip for the curious Pakistani beauties is to go for messy buns as they are very much in these days.
  • Take care of your hands and feet: Neglecting hands and feet care is a usual tendency. Another important style tip is to regularly manage a manicure and pedicure. Not only this, rather apply some moisture to your hands and feet every night before going to bed. Softer the hands, younger the looks. Pakistani beauty needs special care again because of the polluted environment all around.
  • Wear Pakistani designers: Pakistani beauty and Pakistani style is at its peak when we talk of Pakistani designers, so try to follow the new trends and designer wears as they are sure to add up to your Pakistani style.

Fashion Central can pull out the beauty that lies inside you only if you apply the provided style tips!

Here is considered the pure Pakistani beauty which can only be complemented with Pakistani style only. Fashion Central focuses Style tips which are purely of Pakistani style and are meant to enhance Pakistani beauty.

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