Home Spa in Ramadan

We have already bidden farewell to the sacred month of Ramadan.

Ramadan always brings many changes in our daily routine and mostly we didn’t get time to go in a beauty salon. During Ramadan make a weekly pampering home spa routine that will give a pepped up look for Eid as well.

Admitting the fact that summer’s flashing its colours already we shouldn’t forget to care ourselves in Ramadan. The change in weather brings with it many changes in skin and body, and extra care is thus required.

Home Spas are of numerous types and each has its own assortment but all have one thing in common that is to provide personal health. Home spa in Ramadan make us emotionally free from stress that is one of the most important aspect to affect not only your health but your appearance as well. In Ramadan home spa once a week release stress and negative thoughts from your mind that results in attaining a tranquil body and soothing effect on your health.

  • First of all clean your bathroom because it will be difficult to relax in an untidy environment.
  • Moisturize yourself and massage your body by using your hands to have a relaxed body and muscles. Moisturizing can give you a younger looking skin and glowing appearance.
  • Add some fragrance of your own choice and smell it, it will calm your mind.
  • Set the mood with light music and candles in your home spa.
  • Cleansing with a body scrub will remove dead skin layers resulting in a fresh glowing skin. Do spend half an hour in enjoying your luxurious home spa.
  • You don’t even need to buy expensive moisturizers in your home spa; you can easily make it with powder of fruits and other natural products. Using natural products in your home spa is not only cost effective but it is also out of harm’s way.
  • Don’t forget to manicure and pedicure during your home spa because it will not take much time.
    Use cucumber slices and place them on your closed eyes that will lessen the dark circles and relax them.
  • Relax and savor each spa moment by feeling the beautiful environment that you have created by using candles, music and fragrances.


We have already bidden farewell to the sacred month of Ramadan.

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