Go Bold Just with Your Nail Color

You cannot imagine what impression you can add to your personality just by adding a bold accessory! Wear a bold nail polish and see how well it goes with your overall wardrobe.

Hands and feet are among the first ones that are being noticed in a woman when she steps out of her house. Having a nice manicure and pedicure is not just enough. Wearing nice and cute nail color becomes a must when you’re going out formally of even informally. If that nail color that you’re wearing is adding a bold impression to your wardrobe; well that’s a double treat!

Bold nail colors are among the hottest fashion these days. Here is a guide for you to match these nail polish colors with your dresses to give a wow look to yourself.

Black is the nail polish color that goes with just about any color. You don’t have to match it precisely with the color of your outfit. Black is one of the most famous colors these days so do grab one for you self at the earliest.

Dark Red:
This bold nail color, sometimes referred to as Marilyn Manroe color, is among the boldest ones. You can match it with Red, white and black outfits.

Piggie Pink:
Most popular nail polish color among Pakistani women, this light pink Pakistani nail polish color goes with everything. This light toned color matches with all skin tones and gives a very elegant look. You can add other accessories to your outfit to give a bold look with this color.

Navy Blue:
You might have seen Eva Mendes wearing this bold nail color. Sounds odd, but it really looks great wearing this color, if you are wearing a similar color outfit or white. You can also wear black with this.

French Tip:
Gaining popularity among the Pakistani women, this Pakistani nail color really looks great with all outfits. This style is the one that itself is very stylish and adds a number to whatever you wear with it.

This color is becoming popular among women these days. This color looks great but it is a little tricky. You have to be very careful while choosing the shade of this color for if chosen wrong, it will give the look of rotten and malnourished nails. You can wear this color with white and pistachio.

Electric Sky Blue:
A wonderful nail color by itself, gives a classy look to the outfit. It can go with most of the colors of your outfits.

Electric Green:
Another wonderful color that looks great and it will electrify a white outfit, if you wear it with.

Go bold by wearing these bold nail polish colors with your favorite dresses. These Pakistani nail polish colors will surely give you a wow look.

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