4 Really Cool Eye Makeup Styles

Eye makeup can completely change the look of your eyes. If you are bored of conventional eye makeup styles, then try some cool eye makeup looks.

Eye makeup has gone beyond experimentation; women are trying sexy and cool styles, which were never heard of. Listed below are some cool eye makeup styles, read on.

1. Smokey eye makeup style

This is perhaps the coolest style that got popular with time. Smokey eye makeup has a sexy feel to it, which is why most women choose to apply this. Apply dark black liquid eyeliner on the upper and lower rim of eyes. Many women choose to wear a dark kohl pencil for this eye makeup style. Use a two-shade eye shadow color. The most preferred are black and gray. Apply a lighter shade on the lower edge above the eyes. Then use a dark shadow and blend it nicely on the edges of the eyes, cover the crease of the eyes. Use an eye brush to get a great effect for the look.

2. Emo eye makeup style

Emo eye makeup look is also getting popular amongst teens and youngsters. Use dark eyeliner on the lower and upper rim of eyes. Then use dark eye shadow colors like purple and dark pink. Black and gray can also be used for this makeup. Blend two dark colors and apply it all over the eyes on the edges and the crease. Then apply a dark volume mascara to create a distinct effect on the eyes. Thick coats and darker shades work well for this makeup.

3. Dramatic eye makeup style

This is another cool style, which really looks good for party and formal occasions. Apply bold eye shades like gold and silver to get a dramatic effect. Use lots of shimmer on the eyes. Use of highlighter is also recommended for this look. Then use a dark eyeliner pencil and kohl on eyes. Blend two bold colors to create sexy looking eyes. Use of mascara is optional for this eye makeup style.

4. Egyptian eye makeup style

Create a cool look for your eyes with this style. The use of eyeliner is prominent in this eye makeup. Use a black eye liner pencil and drag it to the outer corner of your eyes. Then blend two lighter shades and apply it on the crease of eyes. Use a good volume mascara to complete the look. This eye makeup look will definitely make you stand out. Most women prefer this look on party occasions. Choose your look and create a distinct style.
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