A Definitive Guide On How to Reuse Old T-Shirts

There’s no need to toss out those old T-shirts just because they’re faded or stained. With a little creativity, you can give them new life and reduce the number of clothes in your closet. You’ll be surprised at how many different things you can make with just a few old shirts!

You’ve worn a T-shirt so many times that it’s now faded, stretched out, and generally past its best days. So what do you do with it? Well, fear not, because there are plenty of things you can do to reuse old t-shirts. From making rags to crafting new outfits, there are plenty of ways to keep those shirts out of the trash. Here’s a definitive guide on how to make use of those old tops. Let’s keep reading on for more ideas on how to put your old T-shirts to good use!

Whether you’re looking for a new way to wear your favorite shirt or need some ideas to transform it into something new, keep reading to know the best ways to reuse those old tees!

1 – A New Carpet

Making a carpet out of your old tees is a great way to reuse them and give them a new life. You refer to knit a stunning rug out of small shreds of discarded t-shirts. Using several colored shirts, you can create a colorful carpet. It’s a fantastic addition to have near the front door. This will be a fun project that you can do with your family or friends. Now, let’s try to make a one-of-a-kind carpet out of your old tees and enjoy your new piece of furniture!

2 – A Creative Pet Toy

Making a toy for your dog or cat from an old tee is a fun and easy project. You can use any tee, but if it’s an old one with a special meaning to you, your pet will love it even more. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a toy rope for your dog from a pet store if you have one: make a ball, a figure eight, or any other shape you like. You can make one at home by repurposing old t-shirts. It is a cost-effective and innovative use of secondhand apparel.

3 – A DIY Pillow

Why not turn your old t-shirt into a new pillow? Turning your old tees into a comfortable pillow is a great way to reuse them and get a new item for your home. This will take you approximately 15 minutes to make if you have a sewing machine. Hence, you can either place it on your bed or couch or use it as a travel pillow. They make a great addition to any home and are a great way to reuse old clothes. Plus, they’re a great way to add a pop of color to your decor. Enjoy!

4 – DIY T-Shirt Quilt

Sew pieces from old t-shirts into an incredible quilt that is meaningful and full of wonderful memories. Indeed, making a T-shirt quilt is a great way to recycle old tees and keep them out of the landfill. It will be a wonderful gift and a pleasant surprise for someone you care about. It’s absolutely a super easy project that anyone can do with some old shirts!

5 – A Handmade Colorful T-Shirt Scrap Wreath

Do you want to have a welcome wreath in front of your door to make your house special? The truth is, the colorful t-shirt wreath is really easy to make and looks fantastic on the door. Making a scrap wreath is a great way to reuse old clothes that you no longer wear. All you need is a few basic supplies and some imagination!

6 – A Funky Necklace

How cute is this? You can turn your old t-shirts into necklaces as well. There is no need to sew anything. All you need to do is to slice up the shirt. It will create a beautiful and bold necklace. You could take a simple shirt and jazz it up with this T-shirt necklace, you can also mix and match the colors for more of a pop. Now, it’s time to turn an old t-shirt into a unique necklace to highlight your fashion style.

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7 – A No-sew Tote Bag

Why not turn an old t-shirt into a reusable tote bag? By cutting off the sleeves and stitching the bottoms together, you can change a T-shirt into a reusable tote bag in just 10 minutes. With the aid of old shirts, you can build a practical food bag. They are quite useful when doing supermarket shopping. These bags are practical, fashionable, and bright, so they’re a great way to reuse old shirts.

8 – A New Tank Top

Besides, if you still want to keep this shirt and want to show off, try to change it into a new style. You can refashion one of your shirts into a tank if you get tired of wearing it. It will add variety to your wardrobe and ensure that your old t-shirt does not go to waste.

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9 – A Tie-dye Tee

Dying your old tees is a great way to give them new life and a fun new look. Let’s grab a bottle of dye to give your old top an entirely unique appearance. Just take some natural dye and tie-dye a white tee. Then, soak the tee in the dye for about 30 minutes, remove the tee from the dye and let it dry. Ta-da! You’ve now got a new tie-dye tee!

10 – A Unique Wall Hanging

Another awesome use for an old T-shirt? As a wall hanging. Such a simple trick for reusing an old t-shirt you just can’t part with is creating some wall art. Don’t hesitate to upcycle your old shirts into a chic canvas for your wall.

11 – A DIY T-shirt Plant Hanger

Furthermore, let’s use your tees to hang your plants. First, cut your shirts into long strips, then tie them together to hold your favorite hanging plants. After that, twist and knot t-shirt strips to make a cute hanging planter. See? So easy to reuse your tees for a new useful purpose!

12 – An Infinity Scarf

Plus, let’s cut parts from each shirt and sew them together if you have numerous old shirts that you no longer wear. It will result in a stunning and one-of-a-kind scarf. You can make them for your children because they will look fantastic to highlight their gorgeous outfits.

13 – Tie-Dye T-Shirt Headbands

Also, you can cut old tees into headbands to have a new look or to keep your sweaty hair out of your face during a workout. More specially, turning those old white T-shirts into a tie-dyed wonder and then braiding them and adding some elastic at the end makes this something most females would adore wearing.

14 – Pretty Pom-poms

Another amazing way to reuse your old tops is to make T-Shirt pom poms and decorate your house. You can make adorable pom-poms out of old tees. They come in handy when it comes to decorating any corner of your living space. What an amazing item to use as decorations for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and other events. They’re simple to construct and make great use of old clothes.

15 – T-shirt Yarn Baskets

Not only that, let’s make a bright-colored basket out of t-shirt yarn. This Do-It-Yourself basket is adorable, and it would be perfect for storing goods around the house and carrying it around to put them away. This would be a wonderful craft to give as a gift to your beloved ones on special occasions.


Now you know how to reuse old t-shirts, what are you waiting for? There is plenty of fun and stylish ways to give them a new lease on life. So the next time you are thinking about throwing away the old shirts from your wardrobe, think about all the other things they could be used for. Let’s start and bring your old t-shirts back to life.

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