Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder….If you want to look good you got to be good from the inside……Does this kind of stuff still exist? Nah! Beauty is no more in the eyes of the beholder it has transferred to your own eyes i.e. how you view yourself. You will only look as good as you think you can be. These are the miracles of ‘Cosmetics‘ that an ordinary looking person can also look gorgeous today.

Using cosmetics is also an art like all other type of arts it’s just that we do not realize it. Most of us do not even know which foundation will match our skin tones. It is not uncommon in Pakistan to find women having dark complexion wearing white base and then they tend to look like some Asian origin vampire. Anyway that’s not how it always is sometimes you can even find people using a simple eye-liner so glamorously that it changes the way they look completely.

The point is that cosmetics are here to make you look good and believe me when you look good you feel good from the inside. Using the right cosmetics, in the right quantity on the right time is the key to looking good. It does not matter what kind of skin-tone or type you have you can always find the ones made for you. There are number of cosmetic brands available in Pakistan now ranging from some the top internationals, like Maybelline, M.A.C, Loreal Paris, Etude, Rimmel London to local brands like Luscious cosmetics and Atiqa Odho brand.

Just find the ones which come in your financial range and not to forget they should match your skin tone and skin type. Also keep in mind while purchasing any cosmetic that it is from the original manufacturer as there are many copies out there. Do check the expiry date as well. Make sure the cosmetic you are going to use does not cause any skin allergies try using it on a small part like back of the hand etc. Good luck with looking good!

Beauty is no more in the eyes of the beholder it has transferred to your own eyes i.e. how you view yourself.

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