Color your Hair

Well your actual hair color is due to the chemicals named evemelanin and pheomelanin present in your skin and head.

Well, the first essential thing a person should keep in mind before getting their hair colored is the base color. This is essential, afterwards a person can do high lights or low lights one should always get a base color applied to their hair before getting them dyed to their desired colors because if one gets high hair or low hair tined without a base color, they will appear simply absurd.

Once a person gets their hair dyed, they should be oiled on a regular basis, if not regular, then at least twice a week, and take proper care of them. Conditioning is a must after dying the hair, because hair tends to get very dry and messy after dying.
Also, touch ups are necessary, like after the dye has dissolved from the roots, and has outgrown one should take care that his/her hair not look multi colored.
People should prefer to get a dye done from salons, because if they try to do it at home, may be they are less aware of how solutions to mix. How long the dye should be applied, how to wash and the different techniques of doing so? They should not make the blunder of wasting time and money by trying to do this delicate job themselves at home. A person needs extra care while dying at home as it is not an easy task.

People should dye their hair according to their personality. This is the key to being fashionable

If one dyes his or her hair in a way that does not suit him, it would be better if they had not dyed them at all.

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