Brands of Pakistani Cosmetics

Women and makeup share a love since forever. With all the ragging glamour in industry which has trickled down to the Pakistani community, it has been foreseeable to have Pakistan’s own make up products. Here today is a list of Pakistani cosmetics available in the market.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup

In the year 2014 MM makeup took a foundation and evolved in the market. This Pakistani brand revolves around the value of “Commitment to Pure. It is a brand which has based its products on halal formulation hence is a halal certified brand.

This brand is known for its advance formulation, technical novelties and its firm commitment to reinvention. The complete range is designed in concept to the skin of Asian women, most particularly Asian women. The cosmetics are known for its carnal texture, up-to-date color palettes, and an appealing packaging.

The ingredients for the products are harsh less and skin friendly. This is the present women’s choice of makeup.

Nabila No make up

This is a cosmetic product introduced by Nabila the stylist and beautician, a very famous name in the popular Pakistani industry. It is an all in one face perfecting palette for the Asian skin. It is divided in two layers and contains the following.

  • Concealer
  • Blender
  • Lip Stain
  • Blush
  • Powder
  • Puff

The palette entails 5 different shades to suit the Pakistani/ Asian skin it is:

  • Ngelic – For Ivory Skin Tones
  • Nlight – For Creamy Skin Tones
  • Ngage – For Honey Skin Tones
  • Nchant – For Olive Skin Tones
  • Ntice – For Almond Skin Tones

This product is manufactured in Europe. All a person has to do is understand their skin tone and adjust with buying the product accordingly. This is best for women who seek for less hassle in the mornings and yet want to maintain their makeup regime by looking naturally beautiful. It is a good to go Pakistani cosmetic.

Odho Cosmetics

This cosmetic range was launched by the very sensational, makeup artist come actress, Atiqa odho. Odho cosmetics had been the very first Pakistani cosmetic products to be launched which entered the retail industry of Pakistan.

Her product range includes the entire range of face powders, blushers, eyeshadows and lipsticks. The products are suitable for Asian skins and tones.

Medora Cosmetics

Medora of London is a Pakistani cosmetic brand which has more than 200 distributors across the globe .It has become a household name in the country. Well, we are sure here that each of the women bag has one piece of the Medora lipstick as a must have.

Be it your mom who is fan of Medora’s color range or the stack in the parlor where the brides are beautified. It has a wide range of lipsticks which are really famous because of their suitability to the Pakistani skin tone.

Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand which offers Alcohol-free makeup products to the conscious Pakistani consumer. It has wide range of makeup products which entails each category. Including; foundations, face powders, eye shadows, blushers, lip-glosses, lipsticks, concealers, primers. It is a wondrous range of products which are suitable to the Pakistani skin tone.

So, there you go women. You have a very fine collection of Pakistani cosmetics in the market. Try the products of your own country and trust me they best-fit your skin than any other cosmetic product because they are MADE FOR YOU! Happy Application!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

Here is your guide for the various Pakistani cosmetics that are offered by the Pakistani market and are suitable to the Pakistani/Asian skin.

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