Beauty Problems Every Girl Faces and Their Solutions

Starting from head to toe, these problems are innumerable and can’t be listed down in just a few points. Still, I have tried my best and jotted down a list of most common beauty problems every girl faces. This is high time now and we must delve and look into their plausible solutions as well. For better understanding, I have categorised into skin and hair care problems. Now, let’s get started with the list.

Beauty Problems Related to Hair:

1. Hair Loss (Aloepecia):
When I talk about hair problems, the very thing that comes to my mind is hair loss. Well, it is the most devastating truth that almost every girl at some point of time in her life has lost those lustrous locks. This could be due to various reasons like stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic disorders, dandruff, thyroid problems, wrong diet plans, and pollution and sometimes even due to chemical treatments. Gone are those when applying pure coconut oil could sort out this hair loss problem.
• Apply coconut oil or any other good herbal oil at least twice or thrice a week. Leave it for an hour and then rinse off with water. This will ensure that your hair strands remain strong and healthy.
• If you have thyroid problems, then just using beauty problems is not going to help. You must visit a doctor and get suitable remedies.
• Intake of proper food which ensures balanced diet comprising of all vitamins and minerals is also mandatory.

• Avoid heat treatments and styling your hair frequently. Chemical treatments damage the hair and make them weak.
• Look for your proper hair type and spend on a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. It would be better if you use products that are free from SLS and parabens.
• Taking proper vitamin supplements also help to regain back those lustrous locks and control hair loss.

2. Frizzy Hair:
This is another common hair problem which is faced by almost every girl. The main reason of this is dehydration. Dehydrated hair strands tend to get frizzy because they are devoid of proper moisture and natural oils. If your hair contains the right amount of moisture, then it will stop being frizzy and will become shiny and bouncy again.
• Use honey and milk to form a smooth paste. Apply this onto your hair. This will moisturise the strands and keep the pH level balanced.
• Investing on a good serum is also mandatory. Before you go outside, always massage hair serum onto your strands. This will keep them tangle free for long.
• If you hair is prone to dryness, use a good conditioner after shampooing your hair. This will make your hair frizz-free and more manageable.

3. Dandruff:
Like I already said, one major cause for hairfall is dandruff. It is not only irritating but it also quite embarrassing when you are among people. Dandruff is of two types: sticky and dry. These white flakes stick to the hair roots and destroy one self-confidence.
• Make a mask from fenugreek powder and lemon juice and use it twice a week. This pack is natural and provides anti-fungal properties that will help to keep dandruff away.
• Buy a proper anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner for your dandruff prone hair.
• Prepare a mask with baking soda and tea-tree oil. This mask eliminates dryness, itchiness and controls dandruff.
• You can also use water-based anti-dandruff solutions if you don’t feel like using these masks.
Recommendations: – Kaya Anti-dandruff lotion.

4. Split Ends:
This type of hair problem is associated with damage-prone hair. It happens when the outermost protective layer of hair gets peeled off. Split ends can also occur from chemical treatments and using excessive styling products.
• The most basic solution is to go for hair trimming if you are facing split end problems.
• One must also avoid excessive chemical treatments and hair styling tools because they damage the ends of the hair.
• Always use a good hair serum and nourish the ends of your hair.
• Conditioning your hair with a good conditioner reduces hair damage and keeps split ends away.
• Apply a good hair mask wither home-made or bought from outside to thoroughly condition and nourish your hair. This will repair damaged hair and will control split ends.

5. Dull Hair:
Dull hair is another embarrassing hair problem that will make you looks older than your age and will take back your self confidence. It happens due to pollution, chemical treatments, environmental factors and also hormonal imbalances. Dull hair puts an impact on the hair’s cuticle and makes it look lifeless.
• Rinse your hair properly after shampooing.
• Condition your hair after shampooing. This will flatten the hair cuticle and make them look shinier.
• Buy a good hair clarifying shampoo and use it once or twice a week to build up the hair cuticle ad get back shiny strands.
• Use a good hair serum to get shiny and healthy locks.
• Make a home-made mask of eggs, almond oil and yoghurt and apply it on your hair and scalp. Eggs are rich in protein and almond is rich in vitamins. Both serve as a good way to revive lifeless hair.

6. Dry and Damaged Hair:
Another common beauty concern that every girl faces is dry and damaged hair. Dryness comes from use of chemical treatments, hair styling tools and exposure to rough weather conditions. Dryness leads to brittle hair that is ripped of moisture. Dry hair is also damaged due to the lack of essential oils and moisture in it. It gets frizzy easily and also becomes the secondary cause of dandruff often. It causes split ends and flaky scalp.
• It is essential to nourish hydrate the hair strands. Good quality conditioner is needed to arrest dryness.
• Mask, serum or hair essence of argan oil is also beneficial to treat dry and damaged hair.
• Do not comb your hair frequently
• Avoid chemical treatments and styling tools
• Apply sesame oil once a week because it helps in blood circulation and hair strengthening.
• Instead of going for hair shampooing frequently, use apple cider vinegar and apply it onto the hair and scalp after dilution. It makes hair manageable.
• Prepare a mask of smashed bananas and egg yolk and apply it to the hair once or twice a week. It will cure damaged hair and enrich your hair with vital nutrients.

7. Greasy Hair and Scalp:
This is another headache for girls with oily scalp. Having oily scalp generates additional problems like pimples on forehead and face. The condition worsens when this oily hair attracts dirt and grime and makes hair limp. Oily hair becomes oily because such a scalp produces sebum, a type of oil lubricated by sebaceous glands. Sometimes, greasy scalp produces excess oil which becomes tough to handle and that necessitates regular shampooing.
• Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that is good for everyday use.
• Avoid oiling your hair.
• Use water-based hair serums because they will give good care and don’t make hair oily.
• Make a thick paste of baking soda with water and apply it onto the scalp. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and will absorb excess oil to reduce the strange feeling of oiliness.

8. Lack of Voluminous Hair
Having thick and dense hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some girls do face limp and thin hair problems. This could be due to hereditary reasons or even due to hairfall problems. Whatever be the reason, limp hair needs intensive care to make them look bouncy and voluminous.
• Use a good volume hair shampoo and conditioner to add bounce to your hair.
• You can use volume mousse or styling sprays to add volume to the strands.
• Oil your hair on a regular basis. This will stop hair fall and slowly help to increase the hair volume.
• Avoid combing wet hair. This makes hair limp and thin.
• Makes a mask from mashed bananas, honey and almond oil and apply it to your scalp. Rinse it off thoroughly. This gives decent volume too and is all naturally made.

9. Grey Hair
Premature greying of hair is another beauty concern for many girls. Having grey hair when you are old is normal, but if you are young and you face premature greying of hair then it’s time for you to start worrying. This could be due to the deficiency of Vitamin D3 in the hair. It could also be due to wrong food intake, hypothyroidism, increase levels of stress hormones, hair colouring, chemotherapy and other genetic disorders.
• The easiest remedy is to use hair colour to conceal grey hair.
• Stay a positive and happy life
• Prohibit smoking
• Drink plenty of water
• Intake of foods rich in iodine, Vitamin 12, protein and copper.
• Heat a mixture of Amla powder and coconut oil until it starts to boil. Let the mixture cool down. Apply to the hair and keep it for some time. Then rinse it off with water.

Beauty Problems Related to Face and Body:

10. Breakouts and Acne
This is the most complained skin problem of all girls. Teenagers see a spurt in the rate of acne and pimples when they hit puberty. These facial bumps are very normal as we grow up but these put a negative impact on our confidence. The major reasons are increase in stress and hormonal imbalance, PMS, clogged up pores, bacterial infections and excessive oil production especially in typical oily skin girls.
• Follow the CTM routine religiously.
• Use proper cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen as per the skin needs.
• Wash the face with salicylic acid based face cleansers early in the morning. This will unclog pores.
• Use Neem pack and dilute it with rose water and apply it twice a week. This will keep acne at bay.
• Investing on tea-tree based products also works great for girls prone to acne.
• Apply makeup with clean tools and always use products that give a matte effect. It will reduce oil production and acne formation.
• Always remember to remove makeup before you sleep. Un-removed makeup becomes the centre place for acne and pimples.
• Use apple cider vinegar after dilution and apply it with a cotton ball. It has anti-bacterial properties which inhibits sedum production.

11. Stretch Marks
This is another very common problem that is faced by every girl either early or later in life. Rapid weight gain or loss is responsible for this skin problem. During pregnancy, when the stretches to the point of breaking, skin develops pinkish or reddish grooves at the places of the body where fat accumulation is maximum like breasts, hips, thighs and upper arms. It looks quite annoying but such problems can still be treated with care and patience.
• The easiest way to treat them is when they look red and are very fresh. So, you can see a doctor then.
• If you want to go treatments at home, use creams and lotions that provide a good dose of hydration to stretch marks spots. Palmer products are great in fighting off stretch mark problems.
• If you can afford expensive solutions, then Fraxel Laser treatments are so great in treating stretch marks. It stimulates collagen and fills in elastin in the region of stretch marks.

12. Ingrown Hairs
This happens due to waxing or shaving. The razor cuts off the hair at a very sharp point that when they start to grow in, the hair follicles pierce the skin and curls growing back into the skin itself. These type of ingrown hair is very tough to remove with shaving and looks horrible.
• Gentle exfoliation with a good body scrub and slowly massaging the ingrown hair area with a loofah while putting a chemical exfoliator like salicylic acid. Simultaneously, this helps to get rid of ingrown hair.
• If the problem is not that fierce, just using a wash cloth with hot water and slowly warm compressing the ingrown hair also softens the skin and lets the ingrown hair make its way through it.
• If you want to get of ingrown hairs permanently, go for laser hair removal treatments. They are not very painful but will never cause any ingrown hair problem. But, yes before going for such treatments consult a doctor before.

13. Tanned Skin
Tanning is one of the most disgusting beauty concerns that any girl hates to experience. In hot and humid country like India, skin tanning can occur on any exposed part of your body. It causes a visible darkening in skin complexion and gives you a dull skin tone.
• Always apply a good sunscreen with SPF in it as per your time of sun exposure before stepping out.
• Go for regular cleanups and facial treatments. They help in maintaining glowing skin.
• If you can’t afford frequent salon treatments, but de-tan packs and instant radiance masks to keeps skin tanning at bay.
• Chemical peeling and skin lightening treatments also work great if you can afford such treatments.
• Apply lemon juice on face as it has natural bleaching properties.
• Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth is also very good in removing skin tan.
• Prepare a homemade mask of tomato and yoghurt. Tomato is a natural remover and helps to reduce pigmentation and blemishes.

14. Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes
Most of us are victims of dark circles and puffy eyes. Stressful and unhealthy lifestyle is a root cause for this. Sometimes, genetic reasons also contribute in giving us dull and sunken eyes with darkness surrounding all over it.
• Use an orange corrector around the dark circle area. It neutralises discolorations and conceals dark circles very well.
• Regularly use eye creams enriched with Vitamin K before going to bed. This reduces the visible fatigue and gives fresh looking eyes on waking up.
• Put some frozen tea bags around your eyes, it will reduce dark circles and puffiness significantly.
• You can also put aloe vera gel around your eyes for cooling sensation and instant soothing.
• Refrigeration of eye gel and using it on the eye area reduces the size of blood vessels under eye area and makes them look cleaner and brighter.
• Avoid alcohol and adopt and healthy lifestyle.

15. Wrinkles and Ageing Skin
As we grow older, wrinkles starts appearing all over our body and gives the image of an elderly grandmother. For girls who have oily skin, this problem comes much later. But if you have dry skin, ageing will hit you early and proper steps are needed to look youthful always.
• Incorporating a good night cream with healthy extracts in your skin care routine can help to slow down the process of ageing.
• Essential facial oils of lavender, pomegranate, rosemary or jojoba have skin enhancing benefits and help to protect skin from early damage. These oils are deeply moisturising and can fight off age spots and wrinkles.
• Antioxidants can arrest free radicals that are responsible for wrinkles. So, having food with high amount of antioxidants in them can slow down ageing process.
• Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. This will flush off unwanted toxins and reveal youthful skin.
• Avoid smoking or alcohol.
• Use moisturizing face masks to keep skin hydrated.
• Use a good sunscreen to prevent sun damage as sun exposure can speed up ageing process.
• Last but not the least, have plenty of sleep and live a healthy life.

16. Blackheads and Whiteheads
Blackheads and whiteheads are types of acne that affect most girls. Pollution and dirt accumulation clogs pores which in turn chemical reaction resulting in melanin oxidation. This gives the material in the skin follicle white or black colour which becomes difficult to remove. Whiteheads are partially easy to deal with, but blackheads need serious handling.
• Steam treatment before gentle scrubbing is needed to open the skin pores and soften the area having blackheads and whiteheads. Post which, a gentle blackhead remover tool can be used to get rid of them.
• Regular cleanups and facials helps to keep skin squeaky clean and keep off dust and dirt from accumulation.
• Using benzoyl peroxide in blackhead regions has an anti-bacterial effect that helps to bring down the chemical reaction causes lining of skin follicle.
• Some creams are also good in keeping away blackheads.
Recommendations: Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturiser
• Nose strips made from Gelatin and milk pore is the easiest way to remove blackheads and whiteheads.
• Charcoal face masks and nose strips are also a good remedy to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads easily.

17. Dry and Chapped Lips
Dryness and flaky skin around the lips is very disgusting . During winters, this dryness increases and gives a horrible feeling. Wearing matte lipsticks with dry lips is another nightmare. It initiates the tendency of licking the lips quite frequently and limits good-looking and plumpy lips. The obvious reasons could be excessive licking of lips, sun damage, smoking, irregular food habits causing dryness and skin irritants in toothpaste.
• Apply coconut oil on lips to keep them soft.
• Always use a good lip balm with SPF protection in it to prevent sun damage.
• Scrub your lips at least twice or thrice a week to get rid of any flakiness.
• Apply a layer of honey on your lips and Vaseline over it. Keep it for some time and then remove it. This will soften your lips.
• Make a thick paste of rose petals and milk and apply it on the lips. It will help to retain natural colour of the lips and nourish them as well.

18. Skin Pigmentation and Blemishes
Hyperpigmentation or pigmentation is another common beauty concern that causes dark patches on the skin. It puts a direct impact on the self-esteem of the person and causes excessive melanin production in certain areas causing the skin to darken. Excessive exposure to sun, certain allergies, genetic disorders, hormonal imbalances, anti-ageing factors usually causes such concerns.
• Using anti-pigmentation face creams can keep pigmentation and blemishes under control.
• Never forget to apply a good sunscreen before stepping out.
• Applying mashed tomato paste on face. It is a natural bleaching agent and reduces skin darkening.
• Prepare a mask from saffron and butter milk. They have excellent properties in improving quality of the skin and giving a healthy glow.
• Make a thick paste of ripened papaya and milk. Papaya is known for anti-pigmentation use and will help in correcting uneven skin tone and aid skin lightening process.
• Last but not the least, a healthy intake of balanced diet with all vitamins and minerals intact can keep away pigmentation and blemishes for long.

19. Cracked Heels and Elbows
We all suffer from problems of cracked and dry feet. For me, dry feet and rough elbows has been a serious issue since a long time. It is always not possible to visits salons for pedicures and foot massages. Dryness and cracked skin leaves a bad impression about a person and needs good care.
• Go for occasional pedicures whenever you find time.
• Use hydrating creams that are good for cracked heels and elbows every day before going to bed.
• Gently scrub the area around the heels and elbows at least once a week. This will keep dryness away.
• Coconut oil, baking soda or apple cider vinegar application is found to be good for repairing cracked heels and elbows.
• Massage aloevera gel at night before going off to sleep. Rinse off in the morning. You will feel fresh and glowing feel and arms after waking up.

20. Yellow and Brittle Nails

Having long nails is every girl’s dream. But not every girl can keep this for long. In the long run, nails turn yellow and also break easily. Applying nail polishes on such nails doesn’t look good. Yellow nails are caused by nail paints, particularly dark colours that stain them in the long run.
• Always apply a base coat before nail-polish application.
• Don’t keep a nail-polish for more than 7 days.
• Go for manicure treatments to pamper your nails and give them good shape.
• Try to keep your nails natural without applying any nail colour sometimes. This improves nail health.
• Use lemon juice on the nails if they are stained. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and removes yellowish stain.
• Using toothpaste to remove yellow stain from nails also works and keeps them healthy.
• Never cut or aggravate your cuticles
• And last but not the least, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!!! Use a good nail moisturiser to promote faster and stronger nail growth.

Hope this extensive list of beauty problems and their solutions will help you girls in remaining beautiful always. Enjoy reading it and keep glowing!!!!!

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