Autumn Skin Care tips

Skin is the most sensitive part of any organism whose care is very much important at all levels. A good skin is the one which is free of pimples, acne, irritation, dark spots etc. All these things can ruin one’s beauty so to take care of skin is essential for all of us. Summer is the season full of heat and sweat that cause irritation on your skin and many other skin diseases.

The UV rays from the sun not only damage our skin but can become a cause of cancer as well. There are many type of sun block available in the market to avoid the damaging UV rays. But still many of us became a victim of them. All the seasons demand skin care whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter. The extreme environmental factors prevail in the season of summer and winter because the bright sun and the extreme cold and dry weather both are harmful for the skin.

Keeping in view the harms of these extreme seasons, we should take extra care of our skin. Dry and cooler weather is not beneficial for the skin and in autumn season, the atmosphere is cooler and dry as well. This type of season can make our skin try, rough, dehydrated etc. You need not worry about this because these problems can be overcome just by trying few skin care tips of autumn.

Use a good cleanser:

Cleansing of skin is as important for your skin as the food for your boy. You need to clean your skin with the best cleanser every night before going to bed. It will remove the dust of whole day from your skin and make it smooth free irritation. If the cleansers you are using in spring or summer season making your skin dry and tight in autumn, then you should change your cleaner according to the demand of your skin. Some people prefer bar or liquid soaps but make sure that your liquid soap is the real soap that will not harm you skin.

Use Mask:

As skin become dry in autumn season, so you need to try a hydrating mask for your skin in order to add moisture to your skin and making it soft. You can apply mask on your skin once a week and it will make you skin look fresh, soft and hydrate. The best face mask that you can use in autumn season is the banana chocolate mask.


To remove dullness from your skin in autumn season, exfoliate it with certain fruits like strawberries, oatmeal etc as they are natural exfoliants. You can apply this process two or three times a week for better results.

Use hydrating toners:

To increase the hydration of your skin in autumn, try to use hydrating toners or the skin products that can give hydration to your skin removing its dryness.

Glycolic acid:

Glycolic acid has great importance in beauty sphere as it promises to solve all the skin problems. It is the fruit acid that founds in sugarcane and is very beneficial for the skin. Many skin care products have glycolic acid in them that makes skin clear and glowing.

Pucker up:

Lip balm is the need of every pocket in autumn. It can make the dry lips shine giving a fresh look to face. There are different colors available in it so choose the one for your pucker that suits you. It will make your bleak autumn day bright!

Internal Measures:

Apart from external care, you need to take care from inside as well. For hydrating your skin in dry season, drink plenty of water daily. Moreover, eat the food that is rich is vitamin A,C and E. Fresh fruits like apple, banana, grapes, oranges have water in them that is beneficial for your skin. Seasonal vegetables are also best in this aspect that will keep your skin away from all sorts of diseases and effects.

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? It’s time to take a break from the bright sun, and make your skin ready to face autumn. Skin care is essential in every season.

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