A Bride’s Best Friends: Perfect Heels

Wedding is the big day. The bride wants to look perfect. From the last-minute running around to the time we start planning the wedding the bride might not take out the time to select the right shoes for her. The bride needs not just good shoes rather she needs great shoes.

The best shoes to ring in the New Year will not just look beautiful but they are stunning and you need to select wisely with the dress to give the day a completely lavished look. Decide according to the design of the dress, which shoes will look nice. No matter how much you invest in the dress if you fail to select the right shoes for the big day then you wouldn’t become the bride of your dreams.

Cinderella became the perfect match of a prince just because of a pair of glass sandals. When you become a bride the perfect idea is to make sure you are the princess all set for the prince. The big day demands that shoe fits the feet nicely so that you can wear it for a long time. The wedding day is a long day for the bride so the shoes need to be beautiful as well as comfortable.

1. Pointed Pumps

Pointed Pumps

Ladies who think the pumps with a nice point and a good size of the heel will be comfortable for the feet and look beautiful in the New Year with the wedding dress should go for them. Ladies who have wide feet might find the pointed pumps uncomfortable as the point makes the shoe less wide.

2. Sandals

bridal shoes

Sandals are a style that will never go out of fashion. The New Year will not be an unusual one. Yet again the elegance and decency of the sandals will definitely make the bride’s big day beautiful.

3. Ankle Strap Point Pumps

Bridal Shoes

The delicacy and the feminine feet of every woman needs a suitable ankle strap pointed pumps. The strap at the ankle gives a very sexy and trendy look. Brides can pair this ultimate style of the shoe this New Year with their beautiful bridal dress. The entire look will change with this shoe.

4. Pointed Block Heels

Pointed Block Heels

The brides who are not comfortable wearing heels need not worry; they can easily wear a pair of block heels with the stylish pointed pumps look. The block heel gives more support to the heel and makes the feet feel comforted. The brides can wear this style for the entire day and enjoy their big day.

5. High Heel Vamp Strap Shoe

High Heel

More than one strap on the ankle or some twists in the strap looks better than just a strap on the ankle. The idea is to give the shoe a nice fancy look for the big day. So the strappy shoe will look beautiful. The big day would be incomplete if the bride doesn’t pair a nice high heel vamp strap shoe with her bridal dress.

6. Stone Embellished Sandals

Stone Embellished Sandals

Everything that glitters is precious and the best choice for brides. It would be the best choice for the brides in the New Year. The trendy stone embellished sandals would be a perfect choice. The availability of embellished sandals is amazing and the bride needs to pair the heels with her dress that is it.

7. Sandals with Swarovski Elements


Bling is the new elegant. The Swarovski elements will bring a new touch to the entire look. The bling of the Swarovski crystals will brighten up your big day and that is all what is needed for the bride, anything that makes her big day perfect.

8. Satin Bow Sandal

Satin Bow Sandal

When it comes to shoes for the bride one of the best materials is satin. The satin shoes will never go out of fashion. The satin bow sandals will definitely look beautiful on any type of feet. The bride can go for nice satin bow sandals and make her big day beautiful this New Year.

9. Satin Strap Sandal

Satin Strap Sandal

Another style that will look beautiful because of the material satin is the strap around the ankles. The satin strap sandal looks simply trendy and perfect for the big day.

The bridal shoes should look beautiful and feel comfortable. Select the right pair of shoes and you will be a successful bride.

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