Would You Wear A Shirt That Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing?

Can you ever think that there is a shirt which you can wear for 100 days without washing? Wearing a shirt for three months without washing and dry cleaning, it just seems like a gross exaggeration. But it is now possible because wool and prince claims that their button-down shirt can do that.

There is a new kind of men’s shirt being developed which can be worn more than hundred times without ever needing a wash. This button down shirt allow you to wear it for hundred days straight without costing you any style points. Every stain even everything rolling in mud and showering in coffee will allow you to keep wearing same shirt over and over again.

This button-down shirt seems just like a wool shirt.This shirt is actually made of wool thread which is more durable than cotton fabric and has the properties of odors absorbent. The wool thread gives button-down shirt natural anti-wrinkle and odor resistance properties. While wool reduces unpleasant smell of the body as it is more efficient than other textiles at absorbing sweat and evaporating it in the air. Due to its wool thread, this button-down shirt do not have to be washed.

You can wear this shirt for 100 days without washing and dry cleaning. Wool and Prince are using the highest quality Australian wool to make their proprietary “cotton soft wool” fabric. This wool has extraordinary qualities like its wool is six times more durable than cotton, wrinkle resistant and wicks the sweat away. In this way, skin bacteria don’t have a chance to get going. The waxy coating of the fabric discourages staining.

Wool and Prince have a fully funded kickstarter project. The business of this button-down shirt has generated a lot of buzz in kickstarter. The manufacturers of this shirt; Wool and Prince claims that the shirt smells fresh even after being worn after rigorous exercise as it resists odor effectively. Wool and Prince also claimed that sweat does not stick to the shirt because woolen fabric allows moisture to escape. There is no need to ironing the shirt because the shirts are made of wrinkle free material which can be withstand even the roughest of the treatment with the shirt.

This button-down shirt is invented for the men who hate having to wash their clothes so often. Fortunately, this shirt can be good news for the men who are lazy and don’t want to wash their shirts so often. The secret behind all the characteristics of this button-down shirt is the material used which is wool thread.

Of course, most of the shirts of men are made of cotton fabric which is soft and breathable and also feels nice on your skin. But it’s not very durable as compared to wool. Wool is highly resilient to wrinkles because it has a natural crimp. You can order your own button-down wool shirts from kickstarters with the pledges starting at 98 dollars.

How it can be possible and how one can wear a shirt for hundred days without washing? You must read this article to know the answer of your all questions regarding this button-down shirt.

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