What Men Need To Know About Dressing For Summer


Summer is here and begins an extravaganza of hot and pleasant time of the year. Warm weather creates a more relaxed feeling and makes one feel more easy and comfortable.To make the most of this comfort, it is necessary that men are dressed in accordance to the weather in order to make the most out of this hot weather.

This only possible if you chose the correct summer fabric and the appropriate apparel and accessories that go well with the weather. Here is our guide on how to perfectly dress for summer to make the most out of this part of the year.

• Stock up your wardrobe with T-shirts

It can easily be the best advice a man can get in summer! T shirts can get as casual as you want it to be. In need to rid of the harsh summer heat, get a tee on. Most of all, there’s none bigger blessing than a cotton T-shirt on a hot summer day.

Polo can be a viable option as well and can set your mood too with a bright color, but then again, fabric has to be none other than cotton. The biggest advantage of T shirts is that they can get as comfortable as you want them to be without them getting tangled.


watch out for Polo that fits you, especially around the torso area. It gives more of an athletic look and is an indication of lean and toned physique.

• A long sleeve Dress Shirt for Formal Dressup

Of course, summers don’t mean a break from work and the working class has to be formally dressed to look more decent and presentable. And there can be none other thing than a long sleeve Dress shirt to give you a more formal look. It may not be very comfortable, if and only if the stuff isn’t cotton.

You can always perk up your style and make yourself look smart. Chose a light color, preferably white or light blue, and go for cotton pants or jeans down below. For a more comfy feeling, roll up your sleeves cleanly and make it just till your elbow. It can give you a professional and cool appearance in a more gentleman sort of way.

• An undershirt as a sweat solution

For all those people who have serious sweating problems and have issues related to staining their pits more often, here a solution for them; wear full moisture supported cotton undershirt. The very idea of an undershirt can be scary as in wearing multiple shirts in summers may seem pretty unreasonable, but undershirts are engine`ered that way to keep you cooler and your clothes sweat free. A good quality undershirt can make your double up your experience and once you get used to them, you’ll feel more relaxed and calm in this weather.

• Keep yourself airy, Wear trendy shorts

Not in mood to wear pants or jeans somewhere, grab the nearest shorts your eyes can locate. Shorts are seemingly man’s most prized possessions in this hot weather and nothing can relieve a soul more than just the idea of wearing shorts.

Especially guys with ton of hairs on their body, shorts give the most relaxing experience as they seem to give more air and space to act and feel the breeze. Also, bright prints and bold colored shorts are very catchy and the in-fashion apparel for the summers.

Summers are here to stay for more than 8 straight months and one must better be prepared to tackle the scorching heat and the warm weather with its dry spells.Here are some of the tips to get you stocked up for the summer 2013.

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