Weight Loss Exercises for Men at Home

Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Health and fitness is the new hype of today. Dear all men, we know that you all have this urge to have those hot abs. You want to look ‘great in shape’. You rush after work to gym to achieve the weight –oriented target that you set. Well, here’s the catch. Today we’ll ponder over some exercises that help you burn that fat off and get a body that would sweep the spectator’s eyes off.

No offence, here my mind is speaking what your heart thinks.  We know that the ‘after-work-to-gym’ routine tires you up. You can’t handle more pressure, can’t wait for the weights to be lend free. Can’t handle the loud noisy crowd.  This is the reason this article is constructed today. We will tell you how to loose weight by practicing at-home exercises that will actually help.

JPC Workout(Jack/Push/ Climb)

Jumping exercise

First of all start of with a jumping jack . Then switch to the push ups . Then make sure that you do the mountain climber each leg . The whole process will be one rep. Do 8 rounds for this exercise . The duration set  for this exercise at each step should at least be 20 seconds and on;y 10 seconds rest should be taken. This is one of the fat burners and muscle builders in the weight loss exercises.

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping

For fast fat burning, you should make sure you practice the rope jumping. The rope jumping should be done with 3 rounds , 100 revolutions /cycles each round. This is one of the easiest methods to burn fat . Hence it  one of the effective weight loss exercises.

Push ups

push ups photos

Exercises at home and no pushups? I don’t see that coming. For this you have to lean the chest towards floor and push both your hands at the bottom , before you push back to a lock-out. This exercise should be repeated 15 times. Because this the way how it eradicates the fat and builds muscles. Yet again being a strong exercise of the weight loss exercises at home.


lunges exercise

Well, for this first you have to conquer the lunge position. Right foot forwards,left foot backwards,both the knees should make a 90 degree angle. Once you cover one complete movement switch to the next leg in exactly the same way as described for the lunge movement. The total duration for this exercise should be 100 revolutions. This is a really good exercise for the legs from the weight loss exercises practiced non-gym.

Sit ups

sit ups excercise pics

For this you have to lie down on the floor with the feet flat on it. Crunch your body to a 30 degree and then twist your torsotowards the right side in manner that you bring your left arm to grab the right wrist. Then return to the start by bringing your left arm back. Do this for both sides of the body. And make 15 repetitions for it. Only then it becomes an effective exercise of the weight loss exercises at home. This is also called the ‘Kimura situps’.


squats workout photos

The squats are performed by bending the hips and knees while resting the bar should rest on the upper back.Squat down until the hips are below the knees. Keep the lower back in a neutral manner and the knees out.Then the body should be squatted back up.The hips and knees should be locked at the top.


 https://www.fashioncentral.pk/images/health-sports/618/Squat_Jumping_workout.jpgsquat jump pics

Stand in a position where your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Now  start with the regular squat and  jump up while focusing on the core of your body. When the jump ends the body should be lowered again into the squat position. This complete makes one rep.The duration for each repeat should atleast be for 30 seconds.


mens fitness workout

Want those rock hard abs? Well make sure you planks For each repeat 30 seconds at least. Planks are sure as hell fat burners for that obstinate fat areas/abdomen. Build muscles by planks. To perform a plank first gets down to a position of a pushup. The elbows during a plank should be bent 90 degrees and the body weight should be rested on the forearms. The body should make a straight line , involving the head and foot. This position should be held as long as one can. But 30 seconds at least should be the set target.

So, dear men go perform these acts of bliss. And get those really hot bodies you crave for. Hotness is the key, if you know what I mean. Go unlock that door to health and fitness and get the body of your dreams. Happy exercising!

This article is a solution provider. It gives them knowledge on exercises they can perform at home and construct the desired body.

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