Wearable Baby Monitoring Gadget For Parents

Parents are extra conscious about their little angels. Baby needs extra care and your attention which is sometimes possible. Would you like to know your baby’s internal changes? Sproutling has created a wearable baby monitor that will be available in stores soon. Sproutling is a new start up is raising parent’s IQ via a new wearable baby monitor.

This Francisco based start up gives a peace of mind to parents and delivers insight about baby through wearable gadgets. This wearable baby monitor does not only answer your questions regarding your baby care but also provides sensor data that help parents in making smart decisions by delivering insight about baby. This tool provides real time, trust worthy insight about your child and exactly fits your real-time needs.     

The Sproutling’s small innovative gadget is designed by using latest technology. The Sproutling’s gadget is a small kidney shaped device that is connected with Bluetooth. This small gadget is wrapped around baby’s ankle. It also comprises of a small camera, base station and companion app for your mobile phone that detects room temperature, noise, light level and humidity in the room as well as heart and breathing rates, skin temperature and movement of your baby.

You can make smart decisions accordingly. The app on your mobile phone will send you alert message in case of any warning signs with your baby. All the data is gathered, crunched and presented through your smart phone app. The features of app are not only baby friendly but also beneficial for parents. Sproutling’s wearable gadget provides an opportunity for parents to see the video feed clearly without wearing contacts. So you can watch video clearly even if you don’t wear your contacts.   

This wearable baby monitoring comprises of a number of features. Along with all these advantages of wearable gadget, analytics are also converted into predictions by using this app. This app helps you in predicting if your baby is going to wake up from a nap and also alerts you by sending mails or message when your baby actually wakes up.

Besides tracking breathing or heartbeat rate of your baby, wearable baby monitor help parents in tracking and optimizing your baby sleep. This wearable device also detects patterns which help babies have a sound sleep. You can idealize temperature and timing according to your baby needs with the help of wearable baby monitoring gadget so that your baby can sleep soundly.  

The wearable and camera is designed by the same team which is responsible for developing baby strollers Bugaboo. It is the initial stage of Wearable baby monitoring gadget. As it is just the beginning, it is targeted and especially designed to monitor infants only.

According to co-founder of this wearable monitoring gadget – Chris Bruce, the aim of Sproutling is to create a wide range of such devices and services not only for infants but also for older children. Parents will be able to monitor their older children with further advancements in wearable baby monitor.  All gadgets will provide insight about children and raise parent’s IQ.

Wearable baby monitoring gadget is baby as well as parents friendly. A text or mail will give you insight about your baby. Get deep insight about your baby and get answer of all questions to satisfy your baby and yourself.

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