Ways to Heal Acne Fast Via Homemade Remedies

Here are the homemade remedies that will help you to fight and get rid of acne.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is a very good remedy while getting rid of skin related problems. The citrus acid in the little lemon clears out the skin if rubbed onto the affected area; it also rid suntans and sun burns on the skin. You can also use lemon juice with the baking to get relief from the acne pain. The smooth paste made of soda and water clear out acnes and close down pores preventing more acne to break out.

Ice Cubes:

Ice can be used to close down pores. The massage over the skin increases heat and makes the blood vessels expand thus causing pores to open. This closing down prevents acne to grow and also makes already formed pimples to shrink down and eventually disappear.


Applying toothpaste is another method to get rid of pimples. Toothpaste makes pimples die down overnight despite of their size and appearance. Toothpaste is composed of silica which helps in reducing the level of moisture from the pimple and make them disappear.

Man Acne Care

Tree Oil:

Lastly, tea tree oil can be used on pimples. The tea oil is known for its anti-bacterial qualities and act as a removing agent for the massive accumulations of bacteria on various spots. Usage of this oil over the affected areas make these pimples empty from bacteria, eventually leads to the reduction and the clearance of the skin.

Acne Skin Care For Men

Carelessness creates skin problems resulting in bitter acne’s break out on our faces. Mentioned below are few homemade remedies for acne.

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