Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

Technology can literally give you goose bumps at times, every day there is a new invention or evolution. Tablets have been in the market for a very long time but the concept of Niche markets has recently evolved. In a niche market there is something stored for everyone according to their interests. There is a tablet which is becoming widely popular in Pakistan as well these days which is the Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

Many graphic designers or photographers while working on their computer face difficulty because there are few functions that a mouse cannot perform. Sometimes while using photoshop you have to draw, erase and many other functions that are very difficult using a mouse. This tablet is for those who want to draw on the computer and bring accuracy in their work. It has an extremely easy interface that anyone can get used to.

The tablet comes in four colors and it has express keys on both the sides, you can assign those keys to perform certain functions instead of moving to your keyboard all the time. It also reduces the constant waste of time shifting from mouse to keyboard back and forth. This tablet lets you write or draw in peace and it also saves a lot of time. No power is required for the device it has a USB port with which it can be connected to your laptop or computer.

A pen comes with the tablet which is the vital part and it has 512 levels of pressure sensibility. The harder you will push the pen on the tablet the thicker stroke it will form on your computer screen. Another surprise is the eraser on the back of the pen. There is an eraser which erases with the same amount of pressure as the pen has. If you want to erase something from your work you can easily put the back of the pen on the tablet and erase what you want to erase.

This tablet is a very convenient gadget and people who know how to use photoshop will quickly get the idea of how useful this tablet can be. It is affordable as well. It costs somewhere around 15 thousand to 20 thousand. But for graphics people it’s a must accessory.

There is a new kind of tablet that can be very useful for graphic designers, photographers or anyone who wants to work on art but not on a canvas but a computer. This tablet is also available in Pakistan as it’s a worldwide company.

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