Vanquish Carbon Edition by Aston Martin

Dark Forces

The Aston Martin Vanquish, the Ultimate Grand Tourer – now enhanced in a distinctive monochrome special edition. Vanquish Carbon Edition expresses beauty and soaring performance both with an extraordinary confidence, embracing its dark side with a fascinating theme and enriched with a unique package of carbon fibre and styled dark features.

The Ultimate Dark Side

Vanquish Carbon Edition subtly but unmistakably accentuates the sinuous Vanquish form and dynamism in a sinister aesthetic always a dramatic sense of purpose. Assertive and sophisticated, Vanquish Carbon enhances the exterior and interior styling of our flagship with expertly crafted detailing coming from the most advanced Carbon Fibre and the finest materials.

Aston Martin

Raw Beauty, Pure Drama

Sculpted from aerospace engineered carbon fibre and freed from conventional material restraints, Vanquish melds elegance and athleticism into a lean, taut form that is at once bold and understated.

Intense themes, Intense power

The beating heart of Vanquish Carbon Edition is the latest version of our iconic 6.0 litre V12 masterpiece – AM29. Sophisticated new engine management frees even more power, working seamlessly with the new 8-speed Touchtronic III automatic gearbox.

Vanquish Carbon Aston Martin

This new lighter, faster gearbox executes gearshifts with greater precision, and with 568 bhp (576 PS) to draw upon, Vanquish Carbon is capable of 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 201 mph.

Unique Sporting Character

Striking new features as standard for both Carbon Black and Carbon White edition define the car’s depth of character in meticulous detail. New and unique to Vanquish Carbon special edition are sporting black side window surrounds, enforcing the uniquely assertive characteristics of our ultimate Grand Tourer.

Aston Martin

Distinctive 10-spoke gloss black non-DT allow wheels complement perfectly the menacing styling of Vanquish Carbon Black and purposeful Carbon White. Vanquish Carbon Black is darkness personified. All new black headlight eyebrows, convey a determined and sinister look in this new subtle detail that not only defines, but actively enhances the unique essence of Vanquish Carbon Black.

Devil in the Detail

Distinctive brake calipers further enhance an already exceptional profile, with distinctive accent colours accentuating the dynamic Vanquish character, which if desired can be carried through to the interior creating a definitive dash of light through the darkness.

Carbon Aston Martin

Stealth mode Engaged

Intensely focussed but inherently refined, the interior space of Carbon Black reflects the Vanquish’s unique and compelling breadth of ability.

Total Immersion

Every detail has been considered, with only the most authentic, tactile materials used. Black rotary dial controls rest elegantly against the assertive Herringbone carbon fibre facia backdrop.

Aston Martin

The silken Black Anodised speaker grilles of the Bang & Olufsen audio system and machined carbon fibre sill plaques provide additional design touches. All perfectly integrated into a captivating interior experience.

Indulgent Finishes

Aston Martin Interior

Vanquish Carbon Edition offers optional quilted leather seating and door inserts, providing a unique textured visual effect for driver and passenger, matched and further enhancing the luxurious feel of the beautifully indulgent interior.

Vanquish Carbon special Edition in fascinating theme is launched in Ultimate Grand Tourer.

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