USB Toast Hand warmers

Don’t confuse this gadget as a toaster. This gadget is a handwarmer only in the shape of a toast with a smiley on each one of them. Winters can make you really lazy. You just got feel like leaving your quit or fireplace and just sipping coffee. A lot of times you are too lazy to get up and fetch the remote control to your television.

This is a perfect gadget for your winters this year. It is only for Rs. 2000. All you have to do is buy this gadget and attach to the nearest vacant USB port and you are all set. Within few seconds your hands will be warm and cozy. The material is so soft and squishy that you simply don’t feel like taking them off. You must be thinking whether you can work while wearing this. Well yes you can also type while wearing these toast hand warmers only if your hands are not too big. The size of these hand warmers is generous, 5.5”x5.5”.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are wearing these hand warmers and they are attached to a USB port. If you suddenly decide to get up and do something then you might want to disconnect them. The sight of force on connected devices is not every pleasing. Get your pair and enjoy winters and also smile because the hand warmers have smileys on them.

These days technology can never fail to impress you. It is a new surprise in the tech world every day for people like us making our lives easier and easier. Gadgets are coming out that you never really thought of and they surprise you and you are instantl

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