Custom Dress Shirts: Trends in Men’s Dress Shirts

As the new year begins, it’s the perfect time to reexamine fashion trends, especially when it comes to men’s business attire. Dress shirts play a crucial role in men’s suiting options, and there is a wide variety of styles to explore this season.

One of the top trends for 2016 is men’s Dutch cuff dress shirts. The Dutch cuff refers to the style of the cuff, where the top layer of the cuff fabric is folded back upon itself, creating a double cuff. This unique design requires cuff links to keep the French cuff dress shirts closed. The multiple layers of fabric add a touch of sophistication and create a distinctive look.

Another popular trend is the spread collar dress shirt, which is often paired with French cuff dress shirts for a polished and stylized appearance. The spread collar has a wider collar that doesn’t feature button-down collar details, giving it a more casual yet fashionable look compared to the spread collar.

In the winter months, long sleeve dress shirts are favored for their added warmth. However, as spring approaches, short sleeve dress shirts become a popular choice, offering a more comfortable and relaxed option as the temperatures rise. While long sleeve shirts are considered more formal, short sleeve shirts are perfect for a more casual and laid-back style.

An important feature of dress shirts for the spring season is the inclusion of long tails. This design makes it easier to keep the shirt neatly tucked into your pants throughout the day. The choice of fabric for both long and short sleeve dress shirts can vary depending on personal preference. Silky fabrics provide a smooth and luxurious feel, while Oxford cloth, a woven material, offers a classic and timeless option for men’s dress shirts.

To ensure you look your best in the workplace, it’s essential to iron your dress shirts before wearing them. Pay attention to the collars, cuffs, and front and back of the shirt, making sure they are crease-free and crisp. A well-groomed appearance goes a long way in presenting a professional and elegant image at work.

Custom dress shirts offer the perfect opportunity to embrace these new style trends while tailoring the shirt to your specific preferences. By opting for custom-made garments, you can select the ideal fabric, collar, cuff styles, and other personalized details that suit your individual style. With a perfectly fitted dress shirt, you can confidently step into the new year with a fashionable and sophisticated look.

In conclusion, custom dress shirts allow men to stay on top of the latest trends while adding a personal touch to their attire. Whether it’s the Dutch cuff, spread collar, or choosing between long or short sleeves, there are numerous options to create a stylish and refined look. Start the new year with a fresh wardrobe and a renewed sense of style by embracing the latest trends in custom dress shirts.

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