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Mostly people think men don’t need anything to look fresh and young. They are wrong! Even men need more care of their skin as compare to women as I told the reason above. More over other reasons of tired, dull, lifeless and unevenly toned skin are lack of sleep, work in front of computer which causes dark circles, smoking which reduces moisture of your skin, long night parties etc.

With so many external factors which affect the health of our skin, it is really very difficult to remain cool, calm and refreshed. But thanks to all professionals who designed all the products I am going to recommend you to give you the best result and improve out look of your skin.

1. Use liquids:

Before sharing expert’s products I want you to remind the simple, old and easy way to get fresh skin is increases the use of liquids in your life. Drink plenty of water, fresh juices throughout the day especially when you getup in the morning. Liquids will hydrate your skin and takeout all the acidity from your body and you will get naturally fresh and glowing skin. Use minimum 10-15 glasses of water each day.

2. Use Moisturizers:

After take care your body from inside there are so many products are available in the market which can give you instant fresh look. Moisturizers are very essential for the skin. My best recommended moisturizer is “L’Oreal’s Men Expert Hydra Energetic anti-fatigue moisturizer”.

This moisturizer helps to fight against signs of tired, dull looking skin and drawn features. This product is not that much expensive it is very effective to remove spots, blackheads, roughness and excess oil from your face.

3. Use Face washes Daily:

If you will not take proper sleep then early start and hectic routine can leave your skin noticeably tired and life less. To look and feel fresh throughout stressful day, good quality face washes are very necessary. For the solution of this problem try “Nivea Men Skin Energy Q10 Face Wash”.

The effective ingredients including coenzyme Q10 and taurine helps you to give an instant energizing fresh feeling by removing extra oil and dirt from your face without drying out your skin. Use this face wash in morning or evening or you can also apply it before shaving to soften your beard area.

4. Use Facial Scrubs:

Other important product you should have whatever your skin type is face scrub. It is a great way to keep your complexion looking fresh as a daisy. The small polishing particles of quality face scrubs help to remove haggard looking dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, bright complexion underneath. I suggest you to try “Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub”. This scrub cleans your skin deeply. The energizing micro beads exfoliate to remove dead skin cells from your face and give you cooling effect. It makes your skin fresh, clean and energized. Use facial scrubs at least two times a weak.

5. To Remove Dark Circles:

By lack of sleep, watching movies, playing games on I-Pad or smoking citrates are major reasons of dark circles. It looks so bad on anyone’s face and shows others as you are ill. New easy to use products are easily available in markets to get rid of dark circles around your eyes. In which “L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roll-On” is best to use .This is simple stick form of roll-on which helps to revive tired and dull black eyes into bright and lively eyes with its icy cool and refreshing formula.

By using all recommended skin care products you will definitely get your required result. But all and all you can’t get long term result by avoiding your skin care internally with natural ways. We all know there is no other secret that balanced diet; plenty of exercise, water intake and proper sleep make huge difference in your overall health. So try to fix these things and get all time freshness.

In Pakistan mostly people are unaware of men grooming products to become young and fresh. Mostly people think men don’t need anything to look fresh and young. They are wrong! Even men need more care of their skin as compare to women as I told the reason

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