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New Year is one happy time of the year. It makes one plan for ahead upcoming year and set aims and ambitions. Resolutions and expectations seem to be everywhere in the air. One of very common New Year resolution is to get in shape for most people. People work hard to achieve their dream figure but end up in vain, working out hours in the gym. But the problem is with the proper direction and the course they should set their efforts to. Here we bring you some very useful tips for gaining and remaining in fitness.

• Pre Exhaust Your Self

This is a very important technique to be used by those who have some sort of muscle imbalances or are trying to work on a specific muscle group. Pre-exhaustion involves single joint movement before continuing with multi joint movement. This allows you to isolate a specific muscle group and allows your muscles to work as close as possible to their maximum potential.

• Focusing on Core Training

Core training includes working out on your stomach and back. These two parts constitute the core of your body as you exert maximum pressure of these regions during a workout. Having a strong and lean core helps you to outperform your abilities during your time at the gym. Exercises such as shoulder press require a strong and stable back that resist wobbles when heavy weight is being lifted.

• Pyramid Exercise

This is one of the most effective form of gaining muscular strength by way of increasing the weight and reps inbetween sets. Through Pyramid exercise, one allows body to outperform and work beyond its normal and average capability, making you strong and giving you the ability to lift heavy weights without the warmup session and having injury. One starts off with lifting 60% of the maximum weight one would life and doing over 15 reps. After that, increase the weight to 80% of the normal capability and do around 10-12 reps and so on.

• Jogging the proper way on Treadmill

People tend to run extreme lengths of time on treadmill, panting from exhaustion and releasing gallons of sweat. However, they can reduce their effort and increase their efficiency by increasing the gradient of treadmill. Try to make your time on treadmill more like you’d when jogging in a park on in the open. There will be different levels on the ground and your jogging speed will alter over the range of time.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one way of melting fats real fast and athletic way. Professional athletes and runners prefer running the HIIT way rather than the normal jogging length of time and track. HIIT includes walking, jogging and running all in a single lap and giving each almost the same time interval to vary your heartbeat from normal to maximum level. This way one puts his body to extreme level, pushing their body to the limit.

Many people have a New Year resolution to tune up their bodies and reduce their bellies and unnecessary fats. The result is that they spend countless hours in the gym, gaining nothing but sweat. Here we bring you some very useful tips about how to achieve

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