Things Men Will Never Understand About PMS

PMS is Premenstrual Syndrome which is a collection of emotional as well as psychological symptoms. These symptoms are psychological and related to women’s menstrual cycle. As time is constantly varying, every month woman has to go from menstrual cycle. The wide variety of symptoms is included in PMS which are mood swings, tender breasts, fatigue, irritability, food craving and frustration. Men do not understand the situation of a lady when she is in PMS.

It is estimated that three out of four menstruating ladies can have more than one of these symptoms of PMS. For a successful relation communication and understanding are the keys but some things should be kept hidden even from men. Here are some things that men will never understand about PMS.

It is natural to feel changes in mood in PMS. Mood swings is the main symptom of PMS which is not understood by men. Hormones undergo several changes during menstruation and a woman feels depress irritable, emotionally upset and frustrated. Emotional ups and downs are normal seven to ten days before they menstruate. A woman also has emotions that can be varying in certain circumstances. It is ridiculous to expect a woman to stay happy and in pleasant mood all the time but men can’t understand this.

A female suffers from intense pain in PMS. Men don’t experience such pain in their bodies and therefore don’t understand the condition of woman. Woman is not the reason for pain and changes in body and emotions. Women are in miserable condition during PMS but men are far away from understanding the women. A man should not blame woman for all this but he must be kind to her. Underwear is the necessity particularly during PMS. It may not look pretty but it’s the need and essential companion in PMS days. Instead of being rude, a man should be sympathetic and understanding for her lady.

During PMS a woman wants to eat chocolate and something salty. This is not an excuse to eat chocolates or salty things. Pizza consumption and chocolate obsession are innate feelings during PMS. A woman experience food craving in PMS. This has also been proved by scientific study that woman is in utmost need to eat something salty and chocolate to make her please. Chocolate is the remedy for many symptoms of PMS. Men should understand the woman’s situation of food cravings instead of calling it excuse. A man should not underestimate the importance of chocolate during PMS. Bring chocolates for her to get her relief from PMS symptoms.

Most of the women avoid wearing lighter shades during PMS. During PMS, a woman is conscious about getting stain that’s why like to wear bright and dark hues. Men continue to demand to their ladies to wear their favorite color dress without realizing what are they suffering from.

These are some things that men don’t understand about PMS because they don’t experience such things. It is vital for men to understand these situations. Rather than being rude, men should be understanding and supportive. Realize that your girl is not herself at least for five days of week. Give her royal treatment and be sympathetic.

Woman is not the cause of PMS variations that occur in her body and emotions. It is a natural phenomenon. It is not in a lady’s control but this thing is far away from men’s understanding.

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