The Travelmate multi purpose knife by Buck Knives

Men are gadget conscious. Every now and then they would go to the hardware shop to grab a cool outdoor crafting tool or a simple screw driver or simply a normal camping utensil for their next outdoor trip. Men have a thing for outdoor activities and so often than other they are seen camping, hiking or simply having a BBQ lunch just outside their yard.

They love playing with tools meant for outdoor activity. If you are anything like one of these men who loves to play with sporty or heavy outdoor gadgets, than you will love what we are about to introduce to you.

A multipurpose knife called the Travel mate made by Buck Knives. A hobo knife or a spork may be limited in their functionality but if you are an outdoors person, or you just want a really cool all in one eating utensil, the travel mate knife is just the thing for you.

The travel is built on three parts, an antimicrobial an injection molded sheath, a detachable fork and a 4.87” blade knife with dishwasher-safe paper stone handle. Apart from being extremely useful for putting food into your mouth, the small detachable fork also works as a really cool bottle opener, can opener, flat head screwdriver and also a grill scraper.


Such tool is excellent for outdoor BBQ parties. The travel mate’s magic is in the 410HC stainless steel knife. The knife is 10” long and is extremely feasible for cutting and it is designed in a manner that it becomes very easy to spread butter or cheese from it or even utilize it as an all purpose spatula.

This consequently means that you can flip burgers or toasts on a grill, shovel eggs off the pan easily and scrap bowls or pans without using a separate kitchen tool. The travel mate is easy to carry and has a hundred percent safety character. It is cool and it is affordable.


The travel mate maybe your best friend if your are out with friends on a day of hiking or fishing and you need a handy dandy all purpose working tool so that you do not have to carry a whole load of utensils or tools to carry for your camping trip. You can also keep it in tour purse as safety tool whenever required.

This gadget is a cool thing to keep in your garage when you run out of things right at the nick of the time.  It is a perfect tool for preparing food while camping, picnicking, road tripping, RVing, tailgating, hunting or relaxing anywhere in the outdoors. It can slice, dice spread and serve.


The Spreader and sheath is dishwasher safe and the sheath’s antimicrobial additive helps prevent bacteria growth which is pretty cool considering there might not always be a basin out in the woods. This little gadget would surely come in handy anywhere in your vicinity.

A multipurpose knife called the Travel mate made by Buck Knives.

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