The Fit 5: Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue is state of mental or physical weakness. It also has a feeling of tiredness, lethargy, sleep and lacking energy. There are many causes of fatigue such as poor nutrition, anxiety, lack of sleep, stressful environment and underlying medical problems. The fatigue can lead to many failures in life. With a few simple changes in your lifestyle you can overcome your fatigue and chances of getting progress will be absolute. Not only cup of coffee and tea is the way to combat fatigue. To feel more alert and active you need to make some changes in your life style. By bringing a few changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to be active and alert by overcoming your fatigue. I must suggest you some important points that will help you in fighting against fatigue. Suggestions include:
1. First of all have a look at your eating habits. It is very important to get energy and be active. Food boosts your metabolism and mind gets fuel from food. Don’t skip any meal especially breakfast. Try to eat carbohydrates rich foods in breakfast which keep you away from midmorning slump. Add fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat dairy products and lean meat in your daily diet and reduce the amount of high fat, high sugar and high salt foods.
2. Stay hydrated which is vital to fight against fatigue. It may be surprising for you that being tired are one of the first signs to dehydration. A dehydrated body functions less efficiently. Staying hydrated is a key factor in healthy digestion, glowing skin and fighting fatigue. So keep water with you all the time even you are going outside.
3. Exercise boosts your endophrines and energizes your body. It is the best defense against fatigue. Finding time to take exercise on a busy day seems to be impossible but it is very important to get rid of fatigue. Take out sometime for exercise in the morning or evening. Consistent exercise can help you sleep more soundly and wake up more alert.
4. Consistent work all the time makes you feel fatigue. Allow yourself a break. Take a break of about five minutes like walk in fresh air can improve your mood and energy level. During any workout move through a few desks stretches that will relieve stress in your shoulder, neck, back and wrists and help you to pay more concentration on work.
5. A common cause of fatigue is not enough sleep or poor quality sleep. To remain active and alert, it is necessary to get adequate sleep.  Proper sleep keeps your body functioning at its top potential. So it is essential to turn off all electronics in room otherwise it may affect your sleep patterns. Sleep in the most relax environment so that you so awake more alert and active. Make necessary changes to ensure that you are getting a better night’s sleep. 

Fatigue is very common problem faced by majority of people. It can be mental or physical. Do you want to overcome your fatigue? Here are some suggestions that will help you in combating your fatigue. These suggestions will keep you alert and active and re

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