The Cycle of Chest Hair

The cycle of the chest hair growth play a partial role in your removal treatment of regimen. The hair growth can be caused by the diversity of things, heredity, stress, medications and hormonal changes. The cycle of the chest hair follow a particular rotation with three discrete and simultaneous phases like, anagen, catagen, telogen phases.

At the first stage mean at anagen the hair get increase and as he move to second stage, catagen the hair on chest starts moving downward and on the third stage telogen the hair starts moving upward and in such way the hair swell everywhere on the chest.  But basically our stem cells are responsible for the cycle of the chest hair.

Once the cycle completed according to the three of the stages it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form, most interesting element is the rate and the speed of the cycle of chest hair or the hair growth is about 1.25 cm or in other words 0.5 inches per month and 15 cm or 6 inches per year.

Everybody gets hairier as his move towards puberty and it’s really natural, it’s a primary sign that indicates that you are starting puberty. But the cycle of chest hair is comes at the end of puberty implication.

Some of us feel pleasure as we start to grow hairs on face like mustaches or to get hair on the body, it seems like manlier but it’s ok to not be so thrilled about. Some of us start growing hair on body in high school but some don’t get hair on chest until he’s about 20. It depends on our hormones, some of us have dynamic hormones and some works unhurriedly.  But probably at the end of puberty or almost at the age of 20 the cycle of chest hair set in motion.

There is a group of specific and a steroid hormone of testosterone that affects too many characteristics in our bodies like the development of the sex organs or the cycle of chest hair and etc. The cycle of chest hair is different for every individual and it varies with the rates of growth, the density and follicle thickness.

And the most important that matters for the cycle of chest hair is genetics, sometime is also come into view that the people are hairless and they have no hair even on chest, incredible. Some of the people are predisposed to being hairier other men will naturally have sparse chest hair.

Each of the hair follicle lives in a chain and consists of a long period of growth followed by a relatively short period of rest. The hair remains attached to the hair follicle during the rest of the period but sometimes it does not work, after the resting phase the hair is shed and a newer begins to grow thus the new hair cycle take place.

The cycle of the chest hair have had three types of hair growth, morphologically.

Vellus Hair:

Vellus hairs are the short hairs of about centimeter or two long. These hairs contain little or no pigment and thus, are colorless.

Terminal Hair:

These hairs are bit longer those grow on the scalp and in many people on the body. They grow up by the follicles with adjacent glands. Further, they consist of large, darkly pigmented hair fibers that have had a medulla at the innermost part.

Intermediate Hair:

In this section the chest hir or mainly the body hairs show and signifies the characteristics of both Vellus and Terminal hair and their traits, they have a medulla and contain a moderate amount of pigment but less than that found in the terminal section. But finally in this porch the hair follicle grow Vellus hairs rather than terminal.

These were all about the cycle of the chest hair, that how they grow up and what’s the progression and just right time of growing of hair. Else, what are the factors those work in array to the cycle of chest hair.

The cycle of the chest hair is natural this is caused by the diversity of hormones mainly. Otherwise, our stems also work efficiently for the cycle of chest hair. Age 17 is the ideal stage on which a human starts growing hair on his body.

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