Techniques to Finish off a Weight Training Session

Workout or exercise is essential to keep your body in shape and also help you to become active in your all physical activities. Weight lifting is the workout that requires a lot of physical effort and mental stress as well. You should not lift the weight that your body does not allow you. You must have strong muscles for a weight training session. You can not get advantage of your workout if it is not according to your stamina.

It could result in backache, or can pull up your muscles which will make you good for nothing. So, to avoid these types of problems and tensions, you should choose the workout routine that is better for your health and make you physically fit. In the weight lifting session, you have to use all your power which is a tough task indeed. So, after this tough session of weight training, you should finish off this method in a proper way. Let’s check out the methods to finish off a weight training session.

Twenty One’s:

The word or number Twenty One refers to the number of repetitions that you need to do for the weight training session. You should make these twenty one repetitions in such a manner that these will be taken at the inner range, outer range and full range. You can divide it in three parts and seven repetitions will become respectively. Let suppose, if you take bench press, then your inner range will be from your chest to mid point in upward direction and outer range will be the movement from mid point to the top in the same direction. The final range will be from chest to the top in upward direction. The number of repetitions will remain seven in each inner, outer and top range.

Finish Off Weight Training Session

One hundred’s:

As the name suggests, the training method consist of 100 repetitions, but these hundred repetitions are not possible in a single set and thus divided into four parts. The first set will comprise of forty repetitions, the second is of thirty, the next one is of twenty repetitions and the last fourth one is of the remaining ten repetitions. The rest period should be minimal during this training session otherwise it will break your stamina. Your physical power is very much crucial in this session because you can not lift up more than your stamina. 

Dramatic Transformation Principle

Dramatic Transformation Principle:

This is one of the most times consuming training session which also requires great effort. The exercise you choose must contain ten sets of movement and you can not take more rest during this session. The repetitions that are required for the first five sets are 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 respectively. The weight will be increased after every repetition. For example, if you have completed your first set of bench press repetitions at 40kg, then you have to complete the next bench press repetition at 50kg and the process will continue till last set. When you complete your first session of five sets, then you need to reverse the process and do the repetitions like 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Restore your energy

Restore Your Energy:

After you finish up your weight training session, then you must restore your energy for the better working of your muscles and body. During this workout, you expand water from your body with every move. To increase the flexibility of your muscles and to increase their strength, you have to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. If possible, then you should go for some fresh juice or protein shake to boost up your energy level. But you should keep one thing in mind before grabbing a protein shake that, drink it after 15 to 30 minutes of your workout. This is because after this time span of workout, your metabolic window is open. This will help you to restore your energy.

re you aware of the recovery phase after a weight training session? The phase of post- workout is a vital phase indeed after every exercise routine.

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