Supercar Falcon F7

Check made in Detroit the Falcon F7. A super lightweight monocoque chassis built from aluminum, carbon fiber, and Kevlar combines with a Lingenfelter-built twin turbo V8 pumping out 1,100hp to give it a 0-60 time of just 2.7 seconds, a top speed over 200 mph, and lateral acceleration over 1g. Other features include a six-speed dual clutch transmission, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, an in-dash iPad mini for music control, and a removable targa roof panel. Price tag is $195.000+.

Body: Complete, lightweight carbon fiber/kevlar panel construction. This includes all outer fuselage panels as well as inner and structural panels for maximum weight savings, quality and durability.

Chassis Layout: Lightweight, extremely rigid, Aluminum/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar monocoque chassis.

Engine: Lingenfelter built twin turbo inter-cooled V8 rated at 1100 HP. Includes dry sump oil system.

Gearbox: Heavy duty, high performance 6 speed transaxle with dual disc clutch system.

Weight: 2850 lbs

Suspension: Penske High performance coil over pushrod suspension.

Brakes: Brembo Carbon/ceramic disc brakes, 6 piston 15.5” rotor Front. 4 piston 15” rotor Rear.

Wheels/Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, 20”forgeline wheels specific for Falcon (10” front 13” rear)

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Supercar Falcon F7


  • Leather interior with billet gauge surrounds and knobs
  • 4 speaker CD stereo with Bluetooth for hands free calling
  • iPad mini in-dash to handle GPS, music library and other systems.
  • Air conditioning
  • Power windows and key-less ignition
  • Removable targa roof panel

Other Key Features:

  • Dry sump oil system
  • Carbon Fiber dual plenum intake system
  • Gasoline swirl tank
  • Exposed carbon fiber weave throughout vehicle including underside   of hood, wheel wells, inner doors, deck-lid structure, storage   boxes, sill panels, front spoiler and door sills
  • Durable, woven fabric infused composite fuselage
  • Lightweight forged aluminum control arms and spindle knuckles at     all wheels
  • ISIS wiring and management system
  • Integrated roll hoop
  • High performance, lightweight adjustable back racing style leather seats

Supercar Falcon F7 Photos

Supercar Falcon F7 Images

Supercar Falcon F7 Gallery

Supercar Falcon F7 Picture Gallery

Supercar Falcon F7 Pictures

Falcon F7 Car

Falcon F7 Car Photos

Falcon F7 Car Images

Falcon F7 Car Gallery

Falcon F7 Car Photo Gallery

Supercar Falcon F7 by fashioncentralpk

The Falcon F7 has yet to stir the supercar waters, probably because it has no speed records or thousands of horsepower attached to its name.

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