Summer skin care Tips for Men

Most men consider that skin care routines are just linked with the women. However, the idea is utterly mistaken. When it comes to battle against the ruthless summer days, men’s skin is not an exception. You must follow the proper skin care regimen, especially in the hot summer months when the skin is more prone to break outs and clogged pores.

Generally, men have larger pores, thus needs more efforts to take care of their skin. If you want to give healthy glow to your skin this summer, follow this effective summer skin care routine especially for men.

Face Cleansing

Humid summer months calls for problematic skin. Men experience more oil on skin as compared to women because of bigger open pores. Face cleansing will be the first step for your skin care regime.

face cleaning

Try to clean your face at least twice a day with a good quality face wash. The cleanser will sweep away all the dirt and excess oil from your skin, leaving it clean and fresh. Avoid rubbing your face with soap and harsh scrubs.

Use a Hydrating Toner

Men’s skin is thicker and more prone to dryness as compared to women’s skin. Always prefer hydrating toners enriched with Vitamins A, C and E.

summer skin care

You can also use toners with Glycolic Acid to clean your pores from deep inside while balancing your skin pH. Simultaneously, the application of toners will reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs after shaving.


To maintain the healthy glow of skin, exfoliation is significantly important. Use of natural scrubs helps you in getting rid of the dead skin cells and keeps your skin lively during summer months. Taking into consideration the texture of men’s skin, the chosen scrub should be with deep exfoliation properties.

face exfoliation

Perform scrubbing routine twice a week to get better results. You can also go for professional exfoliation to men’s salon for better results. With the use of good quality scrub, the older cells of your skin will be exfoliated, leaving your skin with a nourished glow and younger skin cells.

Deep moisturizing

The idea of moisturizing your skin is not just associated to combat winter dryness. Maintaining skin moisture is equally important in humid summer days. Always invest in a good quality moisturizer to nourish your skin without making it greasy.

summer moisturizing

For summer months, choose a lightweight moisturizer preferably with SPF 15 or above. By maintaining proper skin hydration, you can prevent your skin from dry patches, and the unwanted signs of aging. In addition, the balanced moisture will also helps in repairing and healing your skin cells followed by exfoliation.

Avoid overdoing with Shaving

Summer is surely not the favorable season for everyday shave. Try to minimize your shaves during hotter months, as it becomes tough for your skin to repair and heal the skin cells after every shave.

men shaving

Regular shaving will open your pores, making it difficult for your skin to combat tough UV rays and carrying on its own repair mechanism.

Soothe up with Aftershave

Using aftershave is certainly good for your skin, as it helps in restoring the lost moisture and oils after a close shave. The application of aftershave will calm down your skin and also provide skin protection against the UV rays by reducing skin sensitiveness.

mens after shaving photos

Always opt for aftershave loaded with natural ingredients and beneficial oils, as it will nurture your skin and helps you in attaining even toned skin even in summers.

Sun block is a MUST!

Wearing sunscreen for outdoors is a must in summers. However, sun block creams work the best when used in correct manner. The ideal way to wear sunscreen is 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

using sunblock

You need to re-apply your sun block after every 2 hours no matter what SPF you are using. Generally, sun block has the property of wearing down at its own after 2 hours and its sunscreen effects will be reduced by touching, using tissue, sweating or cleaning your face. Apply the sun block religiously to all the exposed parts of your body. Don’t ignore your hands, feet and neck while applying sunscreen. Protect your lips from UV rays by using lip balm with SPF.

Being a man doesn’t stop you from taking care of your skin. Enjoy these summers with a bright skin and bright face by following these tips.

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