Summer Outdoor Workout for a Healthier you!

Outdoor workouts are always reliable and beneficial in all ways but when we talk about doing outdoor workout in summers, it is completely a different case.

Carrying out an outdoor workout in intense heat and humidity is a tough job and if not done with care can cause many problems. The worst part is that in summers you have to be loyal with outdoor workout for months. That doesn’t mean that you should not continue outdoor workout during summer as it will not be a preferable choice. What you can do is that you can act more carefully and follow some valuable instructions discussed here.

It is time to change your outdoor workout to summer outdoor workout. Firstly for a successful summer outdoor workout you need to check the weather report frequently. You must not only concentrate on the temperature but also the humidity. High temperature and humidity can cause overtiredness and cramps. So checking the humidity level is important when going for a summer outdoor workout.

In addition to that, you must identify your body signals. Due to the temperature and humidity your heart rate can increase, you can suffer from nausea or intense sweating. You must identify these changes in your body and adjust your intensity of workout accordingly.

Secondly, you must hydrate yourself properly. Drink 9 ounces of water 15 minutes before and 5 ounces 15 minutes after summer outdoor workout. Furthermore, people with diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes should be very careful during a summer outdoor workout. They must not over exert themselves in intense temperature and humidity. It is recommended that you workout early morning or in the evening. But still keep a constant check on humidity.

Thirdly, you must be aware of the tolerance level of your heart. There may be some people that can adapt to very high temperature and humidity comfortably. But for some people it can be a big problem. So you have to know whether you can carry on summer outdoor workout within a specific humidity level. People from hotter areas find it easy to workout in summers as compared with the people belonging from relatively colder areas.

Fourthly, try to wear something light in weight and colour. You must also cover your head with a cap or a hat. There are specially designed workout clothes available in the market that allows you to enjoy your summer outdoor workout to the fullest. Most importantly, you have to protect your skin from heat and humidity. Intense heat and humidity can destroy your skin so you need to apply specialized sunscreen cream while summer outdoor workout. That sunscreen will protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin.

Last but not the least, avoid sweetened and carbonated drinks. They can upset your stomach and you do not want that. Drinking carbonated drinks during a summer outdoor workout can also be harmful as in they can cause a dehydrating effect. So stick to your outdoor workout in summers too.

Outdoor workouts are always reliable and beneficial in all ways but when we talk about doing outdoor workout in summers, it is completely a different case.

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