Suitcase Essentials: The Spring City Break

On few days vocations you only need the essentials as anything extra will just be waste of time and money as on the plane you will need to pay for extra baggage and even for extra weight. On the other hand light weight suitcases will come in handy and you can also carry some favorite things you will shop from the place you are going to spend your holidays. Here is a guide to pack your suitcase for a stylish spring city break to make sure you will look good on holiday but without taking your whole wardrobe.

1. Mix and Match

Clothes are an easy way to save space in suitcase as you have a entire outfit in one garment. When you are packing for a spring city break the important thing to do is to think regarding mix and matching of your wardrobe. Just one pair of jeans or pant of neutral color is enough if you are away for few days, with that jean you can simply find some tops that compliment the same pair. For any spring vacation, a pretty light weight sundress that can double as a swimsuit cover is essential. Pastel shade will look cool and attractive in sun.

One more tip, don’t put dresses that creases easily otherwise your most time will waste in ironing during holidays. If it can be possible than you can save even more space by finding some dressier tops that match your day time outfit you are taking if it’s nice enough to dress up in the evening. Similarly, if you have tops you can carry to dress up your jeans then it is great!


2. Layering is The Key While on Vocation

Unless the place at you are going is guaranteed to be sunny but weather can be change at any time, may be you will need some clothes to layer up in. for that purpose a leather jacket is a great option as you can wear this for a night out as well.

If the weather gets very cold, then take a pair of warm woolly jumpers to layer over your T-shirts. If there is spring or autumn, then a couple of cardigans will do the same job. It does all depend on your personal style what would you like to add in your suitcase.


3. What To Take for Feet

No need to fill up your suitcase with lots of matching shoes. Be wise and choose shoes that can go with lots of different outfits. If you have a plan to walking around the city all day than it is important to take two pair of flat shoes with you to get comfortable all day long. You may also take a pair of heels if you want to wear it in evening or night to attend a party.


4. Accessories

Once again, for accessories you need to fix to a few stuff that match lots of different outfits. For daytime it is good to take a spacious bag and for evening out, a smaller clutch will be perfect. When it comes to jewelry and make up than stick to a few key pieces; small make up kit, pair of ear rings, a statement necklace and wrist watch or bracelet.

Moreover, a good pair of sunglasses, sun block and a floppy hat is a staple for a spring break getaway as we all know that too much sun can damage your skin. So, this stuff can blocks the sun rays, keep you cool and complete an outfit. I never leave for a holiday without throwing a set of headphones into my bag. You never know when you will be stuck in an airport, on a plane or in a car for longer time than planned, so keep a pair of headphones (and your phone, iPod, etc.) with you.


If you are planning a spring city break for few days than it is necessary to pack your suitcase sensibly with some vital things to make it easily portable rather than put everything that might be you use once in a month.

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