Sony’s New Cyber-Shot TX55 Digital Camera

Sony has always surprised us with its innovations and yet again Sony has managed to astonish its customers with a brand new range of the Sony Cyber-Shot series. The new Cyber-Shot TX55 Digital Camera is a unique camera with never seen before features that are sure to bring new dimensions to photography.

Some of the features of this technology is the unique 16.2 megapixel sensor that it has which will produce a high quality image. Sony’s new Cyber-Shot TX55 also happens to possess the quality of enhancing images and to turn them extraordinary from just a plain ordinary image. This particular technology can do wonders in photography. We generally face a problem of losing the images actual grace by zooming in too much. You would be glad to know that Sony has taken care of this need of yours by providing an x10 image zoom without distorting the actual image.

One would think a camera with such brilliance might be pretty heavy and huge in size right? Well, then we behold you the world’s thinnest camera Sony Cyber-Shot TX55 Digital Camera with a total of 12.2mm thickness along with a 3.3-inch OLED touch screen.

It not only assists you in creating photographic excellence but high definition videos can easily be shot as well. Now you can walk around make videos and still enjoy blur free videos. Now wondering where to get it from? Let’s make that easy for you. The new Sony Cyber-Shot TX55 will be available from this September, at your nearest Sony outlet at an initial cost of $350.

Along with the new Cyber-Shot TX55 Sony provides you with a Memory Stick Micro and MicroSD/SDHC media cards which will be available at any Sony outlet nearby you. Not only this but other accessories that will benefit u with the camera are also there, they include an all new colorful LCJ-THF camera cover and an adaptor for fast battery recharge.

Get hold of this amazing camera and enjoy snapping every shot of your life!

Sony’s New Cyber-Shot TX55 Digital Camera

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