Sony Cyber-Shot Qx Camera Lens Pairs Smartphone

Sony cyber-shot lens camera is especially designed for smartphone. Everyone knows that there is nothing better than smartphone’s cameras and with every passing day new advancements are introduced in smartphones. The day is not too far when camera hardware will shrink small enough to fit in thinner smartphone bodies.

So for now, Sony Cyber-shot QX camera lens is the best feasible alternate which will give you desired shoots with your smartphone. The technology and products of Sony are worth and Sony cyber-shot QX standalone lens is one of best cameras of Sony. This novel accessory is the prove of latest technological advancement which turns a smartphone in all in one camera.

Sony cyber shot QX standalone lens is the camera hardware that is attached on the top of smartphone’s camera sensor. It is a standalone camera like other Sony’s other points and shoots. It can be used as a separate camera and can also be paired with smartphone manually or with the help of Wi-Fi by using camera app. You can physically clip camera on your smartphone. It can be paired with Android and iOS phones.

The Wi-Fi enables lens style cameras are designed to be attached and be operated by smartphone. You can use smartphone as controller, view finder and back up storage which is paired with Sony cyber shot QX standalone lens camera via Wi-Fi. In short, you can use your smartphone as remote control within Wi-Fi range.

The camera app can be used to completely control the settings and you can also manage, edit and share your images as well. Once the QX camera lens is connected with smartphone, the pictures, images and videos taken would feed to connected device for instant sharing via mobile network.

There are two models of Sony cyber-shot QX standalone lens camera. The one is QX10 and the other one is QX100. The QX100 packs one inch 20.2 megapixel Exmore R sensor with an f/1.8 to 4.9 Carl Zeiss lens while QX10 packs an 18.0 megapixel sensor and an f/3.3 to 5.9 lens. They both offer images far better than any smartphone. Both offers high end point and shoot camera sensors optical zoom and many other features that a standalone camera has. Both models of Sony cyber-shot lens camera have their own memory storage slots along with tripod mounts.

The target of Sony QX camera is mobile photography. The camera with innovative features will allow you to clip larger sensor and zoom lens. The most important characteristics owned by cyber shot camera is that it also comprises of additional battery to extend the capabilities of your smartphone which will require recharging. The cameras are available in different colors.

You can choose the color of the camera that match to your smartphone. It is a perfect camera that weighs less than four ounces and easy to carry. The price of Sony Cyber shot QX100 is 500 dollar while QX10 retails 250 dollars. It is perfect for capturing the beautiful moments especially on holidays without carrying a second camera with you. Your smartphone would turn into all in one travel camera by using Sony’s cyber shot QX standalone lens camera.

Another innovative gadget has been introduced for smart phone users. This device is Cyber shot QX standalone lens camera by Sony which is paired with your smart phone and turns into small size all in one travel camera.

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