Some hygiene tips for this Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan, Cleanliness and hygiene is crucial. Keeping in mind that you have to pray five times a day, dressing up properly and creating an overall clean look can boost up your morale and help you feel fresh at the end of the day. But we all know how difficult the routine becomes during Ramadan with a busy work schedule and prayers while taking out time for your family as well.

Even in the normal days, what used to come out as a sign of vanity and leisure has now become a necessity when it comes to cleanliness. Self grooming even for men is completely essential especially in the month of Ramadan. Here are some important tips on how you can achieve a complete clean look.

For most men skin might not be a thing to take care of, but let me break it down to you all, skin really matters. Having a blemish free skin can add an edge to the way you look and can ease up your acne and shaving problems. A simple skincare management can make all the difference to the way you present yourself in front of others. Use a face wash that suits your skin and moisturize every day and you can always use a facial scrub for better results three times a week.


Keep your hands clean and tidy. Grubby hands are a complete no for the month of Ramadan. A daily manicure Keeps nails trimmed and clean. A manicure can make a huge impact to the appearance of hands. Keep a watch on your wrist. It looks stylish and it’s practical as well.

Ok now I see that having a facial amongst men is considered a major taboo for you all but if you want to keep your face looking fresh and free of spots and acne, a good facial treatment is a must for you. Get yourself treated with a facial every six weeks for a glowing complexion. Always use a sun block for yourself to protect your skin from sun burns and dark complexion. Rather than letting your pores blocked or trying to squeeze them yourself, see a trained therapist or cosmetologist.


Invest in a good-quality, non-disposable razor that can help you shave well. Keep a proper shaving brush and a good-quality shaving cream that suits your skin.

Trimming of small unnecessary hair is a must for all men. Be it bushy brows hairs or hair from the nose, ears, neck. Chop them off. They do not look manly and are not a very tidy sight to view. Keeping them trimmed will give you an immediately more groomed look.

All men should have an appealing aroma. Buy yourself a good sent this Ramadan and use it daily. A little bit of fragrance can do wonders for you; just make sure that you don’t over-apply it. No one really likes a perfume bottle walking across burning up everybody’s nostrils. Keep it simple and clean. Happy Ramadan everyone!

Learn how to keep yourself clean and tidy this month of Ramadan by following these simple grooming tips.

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