Smart Baby Monitor

Smart baby monitor is the outcome of latest technology that helps you to observe your baby when you are busy in doing anything else. It seems to be very difficult to do other necessary tasks with a little baby. Children are innocent creature of Almighty Allah and they require attention of parents all the time. When baby sleeps, every parent gets a chance to relax or get time to do their pending work whilst keeping an eye on your little one.

At such time, Smart baby monitor is proved to be much beneficial as you can monitor your baby wherever you are. It helps you to keep an eye on your baby. It is an ideal piece of technology that is source of peace of mind for you when you are not with your baby in the room.

The Smart bay monitor does not only help you to see your baby but you can also hear every burp, gurgle, parp, whimper and snore of your baby through it. Through the smart baby monitor you get two ways to interact with your baby. You can monitor your baby through video that directly streams to your iphone, I pad and personal computer. It is simple in use.

You can connect this smart baby monitor with your network either wireless or through Ethernet cable. Once you connect it with your network at home, Camera panning vertically and horizontally come into your full control. It also has a sound and motion activated alarm that will alert you through your phone if baby wakes up. It’s most important advantage is that it detects light.

It will automatically adjust into night mode when light gets too dark for the normal mode. With the help of this smart baby monitor, you can also make beautiful and cutest memories of your baby as it also has snap shot function. You can take pictures and can capture your baby at his cutest through it while your baby is snoozing.

If baby wakes, you can make him feel that you are with your baby. He or she is not alone in the room. You can do it with intercom feature that allows you to talk to baby through microphone and speaker that is already built in. The free app that you use to control the smart baby monitor can access the camera at the places where you have an internet connection.

It also allows up to eight individual users all with individual user rights. By using app you can also make adjustments of your choice. You can adjust settings such as videos FPS (frames per second), brightness and contrast and allow you to have best image possible.

The smart baby monitor is the convenient and effective way to keep an eye on your baby activities and help you to interact with him or her ensuring that you are with your baby. It allows you to monitor your baby with an unlimited range for an unlimited time even outside of your home if you have Wi-Fi connection.

Smart baby monitor comprises a number of features that makes it easy for parents to watch their baby. It allows you to watch the video of your baby along with his or her cutest voices wherever you are. You can also interact with your baby and take picture

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