Signs That Your Marriage Is Doomed

Lack of Interest:

Taking interest in each other’s activities in positive manner is sign of healthy relationship. If you are feeling that your spouse is avoiding you and showing no interest in you or your activities. Your mate is no longer shares his/ her daily activities and become evasive or secretive about his/ her activities not asking yours. If your spouse starts to live a life separate from yours. He/ she develops new interests or hobbies that he/ she doesn’t share with you, makes new friends that he or she doesn’t introduce to you.

No Respect: 

Respect of each other is the basic of any relationship to move forward. If your spouse is no longer giving respect to you and your feelings, if he/ she starts ignoring and not giving importance or respect to what you are thinking or what you wants. If he/ she become abusive either verbally or physically then it is the sign that he/ she have stopped respecting you. This act is very disappointing and this is the sign that you should take step to resolve the issues to get your marriage life on track or take divorce if it continues because nothing is above respect.

Frequent Fights:

Minor misunderstandings and fights are common in every couple as you live under one roof, share bed but if your partner begins to irritate on every little thing. If he/ she start getting rude every time you talk, starts arguing or fighting over trivial matters frequently. If he/ she becomes defensive or over reacts towards your innocent questions or comments than it’s a sign that your marriage is doomed.

No more Romance:

Making love plays very important role to make strong bonding between you two in your marriage life. It is the normal thing if your sexual desire is diminishing as the years pass, your sex life is not as satisfying as it was when you got married but if you both are still young and your spouse stopped getting attracts towards you, if he/ she stopped being romantic with you, no hugging, no cuddling, stopped making love with you than it means there is some bumble and your marriage life is at doom.

Giving No Time:

If your spouse getting busy in his/ her activities without telling you or making you to involve. If he/ she not giving time, ignore you when you want his/ her time to listen to you. Your spouse giving no priority to you in his/ her life and other activities or people take precedence over you If he/ she start less time participating in such activities that once you both enjoyed together. No longer to receive your calls while outside and even don’t give any valid excuse when you asking about than its time to think where your relationship stands. This kind of act is sign that your marriage is doomed.

Cheating on You:

The worst thing which can happen in marriage life is cheating. Cheating is by far the most common cause of divorce nowadays No faithful spouse wants sharing of someone other between you two. If your husband or wife cheated on you once, there is no guarantee that he/ she will not do it again in the future. This is why many people choose not to live with this uncertainty and they take fate in their own hands, by filing the divorce papers. Infidelity is a serious issue that can wreak havoc on somebody’s mental and emotional state.

No Combine Social Life:

If your spouse starts avoiding going with you at any family or friend get together. Sometimes your spouse may be too busy and unable to join you but if it starts happens every time. If he/she stops attending social events with you and you always find yourself all alone then it is the sign that something is wrong and a positive decision should make.

No one wants to take divorce happily; there must be some serious reasons on its back which comes one by one over the long period of time and shows that your relationship is about to end. Sharing some important signs which indicates that your relationship

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