Should Asthmatic Avoid Intense Exercise?

The propensity of asthma seems to be an inherited and more commonly it founds in the people who have allergies. Indeed there two types of asthma, allergic asthma and non-allergic asthma. Allergic asthma develops in populace those suffers allergies and the same substances that aggravates their symptoms of allergy. Whereas non allergic asthma can be sparked by dry air, cold weather, exercise, smoke, strong perfume (strong aroma), stressful situation, intense, emotions and even laughing.

An Asthmatic Patient should avoid vigorous exercise as it’s one of the most common ancestries that lead to bronchospasm that might affect individuals of any age and fitness intensity. Its primary symptoms include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, chest discomfort or burning or sometimes also one face the shortness of breath.

Intensity of activity, the degree and stability of airway, control of underlying chronic asthma and humidity of inhaled air are the factors that contributes to exercise those induced asthma. Local air is also one of the factors that play a prime role in aggravation symptoms.

There is no specific healing of asthma but yes whether the asthma is mild, moderate or severe, allergic or non-allergic can be managed.

One can asthmatic could reduce the chance or prevent exercise induced asthma by preparing for physical workout in some ways:

  • Use some asthma reliever medicines around ten minutes maximum before your warm up.

  • Always practice calm and peace.

  • Keep yourself unruffled.

  • Execute stretching for 15 minutes before to play sports or exercise.

While exercise if you feel symptoms of asthma so:

  • Stop what you are doing.

  • Follow the asthma’s action plan (such as, Airomir, Asmol, Bricanyl or ventolin)

  • Wait four minutes.

You should stop exercise if you face any problem into these, like cold or the flu, or if you feel your peak flow meter reading is less than 80% of your usual best.

There are some natural therapies those can help to manage the symptoms of asthma.  For instance, asthma assault can be escort to emotional stress. Like deep abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery and biofeedback can be helping relieve stress.

Otherwise diet is also a well means to reduce the chances of asthma, for example, it’s thought that omega 3 fatty acids found naturally in high fat fish such as salmon, mackerel or cod enable the body to make products that tend to decrease inflammation.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin is best use as the treatment of asthma, Vitamin C gives one some relief and also help them to reduce the chances of asthma.

Vitamin B6:

Some experts has made research on it and proved the positive result for the treatment of asthmatics. Vitamin B6 helps to prevent the over production of histamine and may also be more effective and efficient at controlling allergies than asthma.


Magnesium helps the asthmatic more than normal lives and helps them to keep their smooth muscle fibers and relaxed. But make sure start taking minimum magnesium with 200 mg dose.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is the best remedy against asthma. As keeping a favorable dietary omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratios is an extremely crucial in running inflammatory conditions. We recommend you fish oil for pretty much everyone. Most important trick is to avoid fish burps keep fish oil in the refrigerator and take it with food stuff. And generally take 4g fish oil daily in capsule form.

Further you can also take some serious action against asthma such as;

  • Avoid asthma triggers including outdoor irritates such as smog or haze.

  • Also maintain your weight normal.

  • Get penalty of restful sleep.

  • Take maximum nutrition to maximize your immune defenses gainst viral and other side effects or infections. 

  • Exercise daily to make your aerobic fitness maximize.

You can use such tricks in order to put off your asthma. Whether it’s clear that there is no specific treatment of asthma but yes this incentive can help you in order to reduce its intensity.

Asthma problems are seems to be an inherited and might grow up due to vigorous exercise so yes an asthmatic should avoid intensive exercise. Furthermore, an asthmatic patient should maintain his weight to normal and go after the doctor’s counsel.

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