Self-Stirring Mug to Make You More Lazy Comfortable

As if our life was not comfortable enough already, self-stirring mug is hell-bent to pitch in. The gadget is a pure nerve-calmer with its self-stirring function that takes all the stress out of your life – or some of it at least as far as coffee and tea stirring is concerned.

Self-stirring mug is a must-have for you if you are a couch potato and cannot so much even go to kitchen to fetch a spoon yourself. All you need is to press the stir button with your thumb and there – all the problems in the world will go away in a snap of fingers – just kidding.  It’s an affordable gadget that can curve your lips in a smile each time it will do the stirring for you.

This self-stirring service of the mug is a tiny bit of luxury that you can enjoy in £9.00.

No need to be pestered with the tea or coffee stirring or removing the congealed cream, self-stirring mug saves your day with auto-stirring simplicity.

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