Say Goodbye to Ugly Smart Watches with Fashionable Alternative

In the fashion realm bulky screens and geek centric designs of variety of wearable devices are totally out as they ruin one’s personality. To overcome this problem, two ladies from Atlanta launched a fashionable alternative called MEMI. This sleek gadget is cut, classic and silver color wearable that looks like a bracelet.

Apparently it is like other bracelet but it is connected with your smart phone. This smart bracelet notifies you all important phone calls, messages and calendar alerts by silently vibrating your wrist. MEMI is a polished metal bracelet and its interior surface is made of plastic to accommodate all technology inside the smart bracelet.  Isn’t it better to go with a wearable tech which is functional and fashionable as well?  

Most of the women miss important phone calls and messages because unlike men, they don’t have any convenient place to keep their phone. Their bags are like black holes making it inconvenient to find cell phone from bag. Because of this, they miss most important phone calls miss. How many times have you faced this problem? MEMI has sorted out your problem.

The days of apology have gone away. You don’t have to apologize about not picking phone call now. MEMI is a chic bracelet that notifies you of all important calls without missing. You remain in contact with others without picking your mobile phone and never miss any call while still looking stylish. MEMI is marketed as a small cute bracelet “made by women for women”. By using MEMI, you can put your phone away from you without worrying about that you are going to lose anything important.  

Now let us have look at how MEMI works. Actually MEMI communicates through a Bluetooth connection. It is one of features of MEMI that it has a hidden USB charging dock which helps in connecting bracelet with your iPhone. MEMI app helps you customize who can contact you and you will be notified to your bracelet with vibration. You can select people and MEMI will notify you. And you can make changes in settings whenever you want. 

You can assign different vibrations for calls, messages and calendar alerts. MEMI is also embedded with LED that confirms that MEMI is on and connected to your mobile phone. There is also side button that you can press to know if MEMI is working. MEMI LED will light up as you press and release the side button. The most important feature of MEMI is that it holds a charge of five days. Its average battery timing depends upon number of messages, calls and alerts you receive.   

It is an admitted fact that fashion is as important as function. Women wear jewelry to make fashionable statement. Get rid of ugly wrist watches and go for beautiful and fashionable alternative – MEMI. It is a great source to stay connected with everyone with style. The price of this smart bracelet is 150 dollars. It is expected that this smart bracelet will be available by August 2014.

It is time to say goodbye to your ugly wearable because fashionable alternative MEMI has just been introduced for you. MEMI looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry that also notifies you of all the important calls, messages and calendar alerts.

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