Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Pad

Due to advancement in technology, day by day new devices are invented which has revolutionized the world. A well known brand Samsung recently introduced a variety of accessories for the galaxy S4. Samsung galaxy S4 brought a bunch of interesting accessories with it. One of them is Samsung galaxy S4 game pad. This interesting game pad provides its users with the choice of using physical buttons and control whilst gaming on their new Samsung galaxy S4 smart phones rather than touch screen. The hand held controller turns your phone into a full fledge tactile gaming console.  If you are a lover of games so you can play lots of games on game pad.

The Samsung galaxy game pad comprises many characteristics and features. Its layout and color scheme looks based off the Xbox 360. The most interesting about this fairly standard game pad is that it offers complete set of tactile control and it includes all the controls and buttons that you expect on a console based game controllers.

It offers dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, four action buttons the usual start, menu and home keys, a D pad and a slew of functions buttons in the middle. It also includes a home remote control function for an enhanced home gaming experience with TVs. This ensures that you can play your mobile games just as you play the console games with all the gaming performance that a quality gaming pad provides. The Samsung game pad includes an adjustable and expandable clamp design which surely holds your phone securely within the pad with displays measuring between 4 inches and 6.3 inches.

The controller is powered by AA batteries and connects wirelessly. Samsung galaxy S4 game pad can be used with even the largest smart phones.  This game pad works via Bluetooth connection and supports NFC tactile system to allow for one touch pairing. In other words, it has got everything to turn the galaxy S4 into a fully fledged Android console. One of the advantage of this device is that you can play games at blistering speed and impressive graphics.       

The Samsung galaxy S4 game pad is an extremely powerful device that is ideally suited to mobile gaming. The higher resolution, large screen and increased processing power of this device will give your games an opportunity to look even more beautiful for Samsung costumers. It’s a very interesting prototype. If you decided to purchase a game pad so you must go with Samsung game pad that is planning to charge you for the controller.  

Samsung galaxy S4 game pad is not the first gaming controller that we had seen for smart phones. There is probably some upside in compatibility to opt for it, if you are a user of Samsung handset. Though it is very interesting and have many features but it looks a little too big for comfort but it certainly felt nicer than average Bluetooth controller. Isn’t it? Its actual price is not yet unveiled. The Samsung game pad is now up on the galaxy S4 website.

Samsung has unveiled a variety of accessories and Samsung game pad is one of them which have many features. This new device Samsung game pad will allow it users to enjoy games in a new and unique way. This is an extremely powerful device that connects wir

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