Quit Smoking For Your Loved Ones

It is a well-known saying “smokers never get old- they die young”. Do you want to be the one who doesn’t want to live all the moments of their life happily? Then if you are a smoker and you have quitted on living a healthy life then you are at loss. If you want to be a quitter then quit on smoking. I bet that all the smokers have tried once in their life to quit smoking. But they failed. The main reason behind their failure was a motivation less plan to quit smoking. These are some important tips to quit smoking as follows:

Motivation to quit smoking

This is the strongest tip to quit smoking. Behind everything there is a strong motivation. The biggest motivation can be your loved ones. When you are trying to quit smoking, think about the people you love or the special people that love you. You have to live for them. You don’t want to be the burden on them by becoming cancer patient. I don’t believe you if you say that they have never asked you to quit smokingever. Make them your motivation and for their happiness quit smoking.

Plan to quit smoking

It’s not easy to quit smoking. You have to have a plan to quit smoking. You cannot just say to yourself that you’re going to quit smoking today and you will succeed. You need to make a plan. First think of things you like to do. It can be watching TV or reading books or just staying with your family. Make a list of them on a piece of paper. Keep it with yourself. So whenever you feel the urge that you need a cigarette take out that piece of paper and figure out what you want to do to shrink the urge of having a cigarette. Many people followed this tip to quit smoking and they succeeded. True story!!

No, not a single puff

You are not even allowed to take a single puff when you are on your way to quit smoking. Everyone have friends who smoke. So when you are in their company, you have to resist from even taking a single puff. If you will puff that time, that puff will decrease your motivation level and after some days you will smoke a whole cigarette by thinking what harm it can do to you and you start smoking again.

Reward yourself to quit smoking

The last tip to quit smoking is to reward you. Money you spent on buying smoke for yourself everyday can be put into some money box. After a month or two you will have enough money to take your loved ones to a wonderful dinner. When you will tell your loved ones that it’s from the money you have saved by quit smoking, their happiness at that time will be priceless!!

It’s not an easy task to quit smoking. You need to have a plan and behind that plan there should be a strong motivation. Then that plan and motivation together will help you to quit smoking.

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