Popular Trend of Patterned Shirts in Men’s Style

Patterned shirts are a growing fashion trend in men’s style and they look great with their endless variety in men’s style for both, casual and formal wear. But wearing patterned shirts as latest fashion in men’s style can be quite a task as matching the pants, accessories, ties etc with them is a bit tricky particular for a nice formal look in men’s style. This is tricky but now difficult at all, rather; you just need to act smartly and use a bit of your creativity.

  • The Formal Look

In men’s style for formal patterned shirts, always choose the colors that you are comfortable wearing with daily and you have been wearing in men’s style already. These colors are normally different shades of blues, white, blacks or pastels colors like baby pink, sea green etc. Once you are clear about the color of shirts in men’s style, now move towards the patterns and select the ones that are as small, minimal yet classy in men’s style for formal wear. Very small checks, emboss patterns, woven patterned looks etc are all just the best picks in men’s style for patterned shirts in formal wear.

Once the selection in men’s style for formal wear has been done, move towards the ties. The selection of ties in men’s style with patterned shirts in more important than the patterned shirts as it can make the look or make you look like a fashion disaster in men’s style. Choose solid colors with similar patterns and trends in ties so that they can compliment your formal look in men’s style rather than make you look funny.

  • The Casual Look

As far as casual look in men’s style is concerned when it comes to patterned shirts then you have got a lot of room for experiment. Recently, in patterned shirts, the bright and bold checks for men’s style are very much in fashion and they are a true style statement for a weekend look of a gentleman. Black and yellow checks and bright green and purple checks are too hot and high in demand for men’s style in patterned shirts.

Something very important to note when it comes to men’s style for patterned shirts is that, never ever go for the extremely overdone and messed up patterns and prints. They are a big “no” in men’s style and you can be a fashion disaster with them. Try to go for nice and clean patterned prints in men’s style rather that something that makes you look as if you are wearing rags and being a fun in men’s style.

Therefore, try out different men’s style looks for both, casual and formal wear in patterned shirts and be a fashionable yet classy gentleman.

Patterned shirts are in these days. There is endless collection when it comes to finding perfect shirt to fit the attire. Here is a good explanation to what you are looking for.

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